M.A. Update

From the Directors chair.

It's getting cold out there.

'Tis the season to add some more layers to your wardrobe. The temperature is dropping outside. You may bring coats and boots to wear outside for PE and Recess. Please remember when you choose a jacket to wear inside the school it should follow our dress code.

Marshall Academy has a strong tradition of uniforms.

  • Uniforms create a community where we are all together on the same page.
  • Uniforms make it easy for all students to fit in.
  • Uniforms allow our students to concentrate on their education.

Picture Day is right around the corner

Mark your calendars, schedule that hair cut and get those uniforms pressed because picture day is

Friday Oct. 15th for the whole school .

Hearing and Vison screening K-9th Grades

The state of Michigan has a hearing and vision screening that they perform each year.

Our Calhoun Co. Health department has been amazingly proactive at scheduling these screeners and sending their people out to us.

This year's screening date is Thursday, October. 21st.

Taking the Hearing test is: Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th Grades.

Taking the Vison test is: 1st, 3rd, 5th ,7th ,9th Grades

If your student has already been prescribed glasses please be sure to bring them.

Transportation Changes at the End of the Day.

With 300 children leaving the building all at once each day, you can imagine, that those last moments are pretty hectic.

For this reason, we ask that if you need to make changes to how your student is getting home please make these arrangements before 2:30.

We want to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound, and we thank you for your help.

Gordon Food Shortages

As you may know our menu is planned in advance. Because of the current pandemic and Gordon's food shortages, you may notice the menu changing more often.

Many options are not available at all right now or are out of stock. We are doing everything we can to make this as unnoticeable as possible. For example, we are trying to serve a "pizza item" on pizza day if we are unable to get pizza.

We will do our best to update the menu, on the MA App, ASAP so you can plan accordingly.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with this matter!

We will also make sure that no matter what, your kids get fed! So don't ever worry about that!

Have a great week!

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Download the APP. Stay connected.

Student of the Month

Each month our teachers get together to choose a student that embodies our virtues.

The month of September we celebrate the virtue of Prudence. Being Prudent means to be cautious and planning ahead for your future.

Along with the newsletter each student will fill out an "about me" page and have their page and picture on display at the front office.

Elementary S.O.M.

Our Elementary teachers would like to congratulate 5th Grader Alexis Clark on being September's student of the month.

Alexis is always responsible and is right where she needs to be. She is always on task and doing the right thing. Alexis demonstrates prudence by making good choices and being dependable in everything she does. Awesome work Alexis!

Middle School S.O.M.

Our middle school team would like to congratulate Ellie Sheldon on being September's student of the month.

Ellie is consistently on top of her game. She makes sure she gets her work done and then without even being asked she lends a hand to others around her. Ellie is a great example of Prudence because she will always check to make sure she fully knows what to do before she jumps in. By her clarifying things the rest of the class also benefits. Keep up the great work Ellie!

High School S.O.M.

Our Highs school teachers would like to congratulate Zaada Melendez as their student of the month.

Zaada is in her second year at Marshall Academy and is just continuing to get better every single day. She is always positive and works her hardest with a smile on her face the whole time.

Zaada shows a dedication to being Prudent by checking her grades on the Skyward app and asking her teachers for extra help when she needs it.

Athlete of the Month

September’s Marshall Academy Athlete of the Month is being presented to Dani Van Lente.

Dani has shown great determination, carrying on her success from last year’s Academic All-State cross-country season.

Dani is a Junior and is already one of the most decorated athletes in Marshall Academy’s twenty-one-year history. Just this month, Dani has placed 1st two separate times as well as never being placed outside of the top 10 all season long! In her last meet against Colon, she placed 1st after making up a ten second deficit from the start as well as coming one second short of her personal record of 21:34 in the 5K run.

Outside of being a great runner she also takes pride in her schoolwork. With a GPA of 3.99, her hard work and dedication to her schoolwork and cross-country team is second to no one.

Congratulations to Dani Van Lente for earning Marshall Academy’s first ever Athlete of the Month Award

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We need our computers back.

Each time we quarantined last year we would make sure that our students that needed a computer had one at home to access their work. Many of these computers have not been returned.

This is leaving our class sets depleted. Often we don't have enough for for an entire class to use the computers at a single time.

If your student has a computer at home that they borrowed last year, please have them bring it back so we can start using it again.

This week I will speak to each student that still has a computer out. After next week, if a computer is not returned, that student will have restricted access to computers here while they are at school.

Thank you all for your help providing our students with access to up to date technology.