Sports Safety

How Can You Prevent Deaths and Injuries During Sports?

Why should you be aware?

Sports seem very harmless in the aspect of deaths and injuries during play, but that death could be you or a loved one. Heat is a major cause of death during play because you're body is working and is overheating. After the overheat, you could have a stroke, most likely a heat stroke. Also, the ball or gear you play with could kill. For instance, in hockey someone could catch their skate on your neck and you could bleed to death. Or, depending on the spot where you were struck, you could die right after the strike. Also, in baseball, if a ball is hit hard enough and hits you in the chest, you could stop breathing or your heart can stop. Injuries are more common but some can can change your life forever. You could get paralyzed, or go into a coma. Any sports could kill or injure you, but it doesn't mean you should stop playing. In essence, sports are dangerous but it isn't 100% likely something bad will happen to you. Just remember, pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

Interesting Details

-Did you know that $18.7 Billion dollars are spent every year on sports related injuries?

-Baseball is the #1 sport for injuries during play

-In basketball, the most common bone broken is the fibula, in the leg

-Soccer is one of the top sports for concussions because of people heading the ball

-A hockey hit is 5x harder than a football hit

-50% of injuries that are taken to the hospital are sports related

-Among athletes ages 5 to 14, 28 percent of percent of football players, 25 percent of baseball players, 22 percent of soccer players, 15 percent of basketball players, and 12 percent of softball players were injured while playing their respective sports

-Since 2000 there has been a fivefold increase in sports related deaths and injuries


1. Don't lift more than you can lift, or you may never lift again.

2. Drink lots of water or fluids, you could prevent a stroke.

3. Don't let your parents force you to do something, it's your choice not theirs.

4. Don't play when you're injured, you could hurt yourself more

5. Know the rules of the game so you don't hurt anybody else either