Three Blind Mice: Arrested

A Tale of Three Cheese-Craving Mice

So The Story Goes...

There was a time when three blind mice were arrested; taken by legal authority and brought to custody. These mice were accused of breaking and entering into a cheese factory. Luckily for them, the mice were able to be released from custody on a bail set at $5,000. This guaranteed that they would be there for their court case.

The defendants were accused with third degree breaking and entering, which is a felony. For the mice, this meant harsher punishment. They did not try to appeal this decision knowing it would not change in a higher court.

Because it is a felony, the Grand Jury was to decide the indictment of the case. The Grand Jury decided this by listening to the witnesses' experience of the crime. After that, the Grand Jury indicted that the mice were to be formally charged with third degree breaking and entering.

The three blind mice were notified of this, and were very nervous of the outcome of it all. They decided they would need a public defender to help them fight the case and have a better chance. Their cheese cravings excuse would not get them out of this one.

Finally, it was time for their Arraignment. They would have to come before the judge to plea that they were not guilty of the charge, and that it should only be fourth degree breaking and entering. Then they would have their court date set. Also, the mice refused their plea bargain because they were confident enough to risk getting a more beneficial outcome without it.

The mice then came up with the idea of not even showing up in court. They thought that it was as simple as that. That if they did not go, the case would just be dismissed. But that ignorance was addressed with a subpoena. In other words, they were actually ordered to show up and testify in court.

Now was the time for their court date. Even though they will have taken an oath, they would risk perjury and lie to the best of their ability. They figured that their handicap of being blind would assist them in coming through with this idea due to pity.

The prosecution, otherwise known as the cheese factory here, testified their case followed by the three blind mice's false testimony.

The petit jury closely listened and eventually came through with a verdict. At first they were in favor of the mice. Then from hearing the witness's story, they could tell something was not adding up.

This resulted in the conviction of the mice. They were sentenced to five years in jail on the charges of third degree breaking and entering, then also charged with perjury. As for the mice, they would be going through this whole process of them and the odds were not in their favor.