Super Star News Update

October 17-21

"Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still." --Chinese Proverb

Items to Note

  • Aesop: When you enter an absence for on- or off- campus professional development, please enter into the "notes" (to administrator, not to sub) the title of your training. (Ex: Long-Range Planning Math) Many thanks!
  • Attendance: Thank you to our PBIS team for sharing and implementing creative and specific ideas for how to make personal connections with parents and emphasize the importance of children being in school!
  • Lesson Plans: Many people are counting on you to have these in by each Thursday morning. Thank you for being consistent, thorough, and dependable. (If you need support with this, please let us know!)
  • Kuddos to Mrs. Noonan, Mrs. Palmer, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Colborn for leading the pack with Dreambox and to Mr. Evers and Mrs. Bair for leading with Reflex. 39% of our 4th grade students are using Reflex at least 3 times each week. This is the highest rate on campus, and corresponds to the greatest growth, also: our 4th graders have increased from 17% to 40% fluency from the beginning of the year to October 7. Please keep encouraging our students to get on Reflex at least 3 times each week, at school and/or at home, and Dreambox for (K-1) 1 hour or (2-4) 30 min, depending upon your grade level. It is making a difference!
  • Fall Festival: Math Night is HERE!! Thank you for being here and supporting this great opportunity to engage families together.
  • CPOC: Meeting Monday, 10/17.
  • Thank you, Mrs. Ellis, for leading us proudly in announcements this week. Next week, we look forward to Announcements provided by Mr. Evers' homeroom.

Dr. Powell Visit to Sycamore Staff

Monday, Oct. 17th, 3pm

Sycamore Library

Fall Festival (Math Night)

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 5:30pm


Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, Oct. 17th, 10am



Monday, Oct. 24th, 8am to Thursday, Oct. 27th, 11pm


Big Kahuna Party, Bus & Delivery

Friday, Oct. 28th, 8am


Veteran's Day Breakfast

November 7-11: Celebrate our Community Heroes this week an recognize our veterans, active duty military, and first responders. Our Community Heroes will be invited to breakfast on Nov. 11, honored by a special patriotic presentation by our 2nd grade students, and celebrated with a parade as they leave the building. More info to come!