Moon,Sun,and Shadows

Learn about the sun and moon and shadows

Learn about the Sun

The Sun is a big ball of gas.You would have to put more than 1,000 earths inside to fit the

Suns size.The sun is 5,500 degrees C. The Sun lights up the Earth(it depends on the orbit of


The Moon

The Moon orbits the Earth.The Moon can cause an Lunar and Solar Eclipse.The Moon is pulled by Earths gravity.There are different Phases of the Moon.New moon, Crecent moon,

Half Moon,Full Moon,The Moon waxes and wanes.

The planets we are focusing on


How shadows form

Shadows form by the sun or any other light faces your body. A shadow is a black form of anything that the sun faces.EXAMPLE:Here is a flagpole, the Suns lights reflects off of the flagpole forming a shadow.

Now you know how shadows form what the Sun is and the Moon.

If your parents quiz you on the Moon and the Sun.(ya know what to say).