The Limit

By Jamie Gorres

Main Characters

Matt- He is the main

character of the book. Matt is at first a

richer kid who is selfish and laid back.

As the story goes on, Matt slowly

changes and is no longer selfish,

but he isn't laid back either.

Towards the end he is able to

settle down and relax again.

Others- Not much is in

detail about the others.

Jeffery is a geeky kid,

but he can't forgive very well.

He buys very expensive things

to punish his parents

for going over their limit.

Coop is a very athletic kid.

He loves his sports. He tries to

be understanding, and

takes pity on new kids. He is very

loyal to his friends. Paige is barely a main

character and little is known about her. She comes

towards the middle of the book to help. Of what is

known, Paige is nice and doesn't

blame her parents for going over their limit. She is very shy and

rarely speaks. When she manages to speak, she is

pretty reasonable.


I think that the theme in this story is not to take anything for granted and that not to quickly blame others for a problem. Matt starts off rich and wants everything. As the story goes on and he gets sent to the workhouse, he realizes that all that stuff he thought he needed was the reason why he ended up at the workhouse and that if he probably hadn't bought them, his family wouldn't have gone over their limit. But, towards the middle of the book, Matt starts to blame this problem on his parents. He confronts his mom at one point about their limit. The talk was so disheartening for him, he lost hope in his parents and bought expensive stuff to make it harder to control their finances. It takes him observing some of his new friends to figure out how awful he's been to his parents about the issue.