HR Week at a Glance

Week of November 13

Week at a Glance

Monday, November 13

Board Meeting 6:30

Tuesday, November 14

Thanksgiving Luncheon (bring your foods!)

Campus Visits (Kim B and Missy)

Wednesday, November 15

Campus Visits (Kim B and Eric)

Team Meeting 1:00

Thursday, November 16

Campus Visits (Kim B and Missy)

Soup Friday!

Friday, November 17

Campus Visit (Kim B and Eric)

Soup Friday!

It's Almost Thanksgiving Break!

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HR Happenings

  • Be sure you've entered your November 20th and 21st dates in Aesop. Please let Kim C. know if you are planning on work either of those days. Only the 20th and 21st are work days on our calendar.
  • Don't forget to sign up for Soup Friday!
  • When you're out for planned Vacation days, please remember to add those to the HR calendar so we can plan accordingly for your absence.
  • It's almost time to prepare for the 17-18 school year! We'll be adding one middle school staff and one elementary staff. Our tentative timeline for hiring those staff members is below.
  • If you have anything for the Department Mtg on Wednesday, please email Briana by Tuesday.
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