Gone Google

volume 2


You made it through the first week of Going Google! Celebrate!

Did you know that Huntsville ISD recently won a grant from the state to purchase over 200 Chromebooks for MPMS and HHS students to check out? No, I didn't, you say, and what's a Chromebook? (It's like I can hear you saying that.) Well, since you asked, a Chromebook is a computer that runs the Google Operating system with Google Chrome as the browser. Like the picture says, it's basically "the web" on a laptop. Chromebooks are less expensive than laptops and since they boot fresh every time, they are super easy to maintain. Did I mention they boot up in 8 seconds? If you're a teacher, you know, that's REALLY fast which is REALLY great!

Gmail Beginner Tip 'O the Week

Nothing says "I'm excited" like a bouncing happy face emoticon.

If you're tired of not being able to find the right words to express yourself, emoticons can help. Gmail has tons of images (smiley faces, food icons, broken hearts, and more) that you can use in your messages and chats. To add an emoticon, just click the smiley face "Insert Emoticon" button on the toolbar and select the image you want.

Gmail Nerd Tip 'O the Week

You can be a Superstar!

Have you noticed the STAR icon that you can click next to any email? Well you can add many symbols into that category so that each time you click the star you get a new icon. Here's how: Click the gear>settings>then scroll down to the stars setting. Click "all stars" as shown in the picture below.

Now when you get ready to star a message, you'll have lots of choices! Just click the star, then click it again. See it change? It's a new organizational tool just for you.