Gray wolf

By Rosie Bogoje

Scientific name

My animal's Scientific name is Canis Lupus.


My animal's lifespan is 6 and 8 years, many will die sooner. Some can reach 13 years old and live up to17 years.
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My animal is a carnivore.Ungulates, or large hoofed mammals,like elk , deer, moose and caribou, beavers, rabbits and other small prey.42 sharp teeth
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Type of animal

My animal is a mammal


My animal's habitat is tundra to woodlands' forests,grasslands and deserts and u.s.a large areas mountainous.


My animal's range is Alaska,northern Michigan,northern Wisconsin, Western Montana , northern Idaho,northeast Oregon and the yellowstone area of Wyoming.north america.u.s.a by the mid 1930s. Canada, Alaska,the great lakes,northern Rockies and pacific Northwest .National park,


My animal colour is Gray or black to all white


My animal's predators are other animal's and hunters, humans, farmers.
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My animal's size is the wolf is the largest in the wild canine family


80-85 cm (Adult, At shoulder)