New Jersey ASCD - Southern Region

January 15, 2015 UPDATE

January 8, 2015 Meeting Highlights

This was a very productive meeting beginning with our Google Hangout presentation by Jeff Bradbury. He gave us an overview of GHO, showed us from beginning to end how it works, and shared with us some of the features and tech tools that can be used to enhance the GHO experience. Jeff brought with him Meredith Martin from the Mantua School District. Welcome to the group Meredith! Thank you both for working together to share with us GHO.

Another big agenda item of the evening was the Spring Critical Issue. This event is scheduled for April 15, 2015 at EIRC. Unanimously, the group chose the topic of Google. Jeff and Meredith are both certified Google experts and willing to share with others the many benefits and capabilities of Google. The evening will be designed for all user levels from beginner to advanced. A flyer will be shared out with everyone around the end of January/beginning of February, as that should allow ample time for approvals and registration. I apologize to any of the committee members if you feel left out of this discussion and the decision making process. However, we know that time flies and we must plan ahead to provide well designed events and to promote them properly.

Spring Critical Issue Committee members are as followed:

Deborah Dickerson, Bonnie Weiskittel, Lea Fitzpatrick, Heidi Daunoras, Sandra Allen, Patti Hughes (catering)

January 13, 2015 was our Winter Workshop on PARCC. We had approximately 25 people total and WOW what a night. Heidi and Sandy did a fabulous job reducing everyone’s anxiety about PARCC. Thank you ladies for making this a great night where the attendees felt their time was well spent with us. I think it is safe to say that we all left having learned something new and feeling more secure in what is to come.

Next Meeting - March 19, 2015

Location EIRC, 4:00 pm in the Tower Room

A few items/topics for this meeting include:

· Honorarium for Sandy and Heidi

· Honorarium for Jeff and Meredith

· Student Chapter India presentation

· Idea of summer workshops

Well Wishes

We have missed hearing and seeing from many of you. I hope all is well and that the New Year is bringing blessings and new possibilities.

The following are our important dates for the remainder of the year. Hopefully, knowing in advance will help in planning as the spring can be a very hectic time of year for us all.

March 19 - Meeting

April 15 - Spring Critical Issue

May 14 - Awards Program

July 24 - Retreat