Hamilton VS Burr

By Jacob Bohmann

Why the hatred started

In 1804, Jefferson and Burr faced of in presidency. There was a tie between them for about 30 votes. To break the tie, Hamilton had encouraged some people to vote for Jefferson. Then after that, Jefferson had won. Hamilton said he did this because he found Burr un-reliable. This angered Burr vary much.
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Anger turned to action

After much arguing between Hamilton and Burr, Burr had challenged Hamilton to duel. In the time period, duels were a sign of courage, but Burr used it to his advantage to cold bloodedly kill Hamilton. Some states like New York and New Jersey considered this murder.
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Though states like New York and New Jersey considered his act cold blooded murder, there was no law saying they could arrest him for murder. Due to this, Burr got to keep his job as Vice President and didn't get accused for the murder of Hamilton. Though the criticism he recived ended his political career.
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My Reaction

This feud between Hamilton and Burr really surprised me that someone would do that. I feel that Burr should have been punished for what he had done, though they had no law saying they could. I really find this story a little disturbing due to the fact that he cold bloodily killed Hamilton. Though I feel that Burr did a bad thing, so did Hamilton. I feel that he should of kept his feelings of Burr to himself and not announce it to the news. But I think that still doesn't give him a reason to kill Hamilton.