Hutcheson Jellyfish Weekly News

March 23-27, 2015

Important dates:

Friday, April 3rd--Good Friday--No School
Monday, April 6th--Easter Monday--No School
Tuesday, April 7th--Faculty In Service--No School


Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone had a lovely break. Your children came back full of stories of adventures as well as relaxation. Luckily, they also came back ready to work hard because we have a busy week ahead.

Word Study

This week we will focus on grammar, and we will pick up with our next Spelling cycle next Monday, 3/30.


This week we will begin our study of division. We will be discussing the link between multiplication and division and using what we know about multiplication facts to help us with division.
For last night's homework (sorry--my internet was down) and Thursday night's homework, students will need to spend at least 20 minutes practicing their multiplication facts. We learned/reviewing several games in class yesterday to help practice these facts. Your child should have had a packet in his or her homework folder last night with direction for how to access online games and how to play offline games. I will attach the links so some of the online games in a separate email. All games are also listed in the packet that went home last night.

Students should complete 5 to 7 levels (check marks) of Dreambox by next Monday.

Writing Workshop

This week and early next week, the Hutcheson Jellyfish will finish their second piece of Opinion Writing. Today we discussed how head student would be their own "job captain," responsible for making a work plan and meeting our deadline of having our drafts ready to be revised by Friday. Your child will be bringing his or her piece home possibly tonight (Tuesday night) and definitely tomorrow night to work on for homework. They may need your help doing some basic research, but other than this, they are in charge!

Thank you!

We have so many new books to add to our classroom library, thanks to the generous donations of many Hutcheson Jellyfish families. Thank you so much for thinking of us when you visited the St. Andrew's Book Fair.