The Organization of THe Church

By Frankie and Santiago

What is the The Organization of The Church About?

First of all, The Organization of The Christian Church had a very important role in the growth of the new European civilization. The order of the church is according to their authority and power that they have: this is the order of the church

  • Pope
  • Bishop
  • Priest
  • Monk
  • Nun
  • Missionaries
  • Abbesses

Responsibilities of The People In The Organization of The Church

Pope- he was the main leader and had the most authority throughout the whole church. He decided what was going to be done and what was not. Without a Pope the church wouldn't have a lot of authority. They were know as the chief apostle's.

Bishop- It was a group of parishes headed by a bishopric and so the bishop are charge of many parishes.

Monk- Is a man who seperates himself from ordinary human society in order to pursue a life of total dedication to God.

Nun-They were almost like the same thing as a monk but the only difference was that they were girls instead of males.

Missionaries- They were people who sent out to carry a religious message to everyone even if they weren't christian or catholic.

Abbesses- The nuns lived in covents headed by abbesses. Many of the abesses were royal, and they were intelligent.

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Essential Questions

1. What was the significance of the organization of the church?

2. How do the activities and characteristics develop the organization of the church?