Legendary HR Smore

by Desiree Doffney


Cerner Mock Interview Practice
This Video includes both, good and bad examples on what you are supposed to do at an interview. For the first John gets up out his chair and greets the interviewer in a polite manner. His posture was poised and he was not leaning down. Leaning down or leaning on your hand could give off a bad impression saying that you don't care.

He lists and describes what he does and what he likes. HIs GPA is very good which is always a good plus. In the Second half with Carol, she demonstrates bad traits because she leans on her hand. She doesnt get up to greet the interviewer which to me is derespect. When the interviewer is telling her what she is going to do she talks over her and doesnt let her get anything finished.

Do's and Dont's


  • Always smile and be friendly with the interviewer
  • Be interactive! explain your points throughly so the interviewer can understand.
  • Arrive to the interview early! If your on time, you're late!

  • Never ask the inteviewer what do they want to know about you
  • Never wear casual clothes you'd wear to see friends.
  • Dont refer to notes you have taken during the interview! Always practice before hand.

High School Teacer Job describtion

Responsiblilties/Duties: Support the students and communicate the schools rules and course requirements. Be reachable to students and parents. Set deadlines for assignments and always update your gradebook every three days. Effectively communicate.


  • Bachelors degree
  • flexible schedule
  • College education
  • Past job experiences
  • effective communcation skills
Salary/wage/Hourly Pay

  • Annual salary: $55,050