The Richardson Review

May 2022

Greetings Richardson Families,

With this unpredictable Minnesota weather, it is hard to believe we are heading into the final 5 weeks of the school year. Yet here we are at the beginning of May. Let's continue to work have and finish the school year strong.

There are many events coming up so please keep checking your child's backpack for important information such as field trip slips. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher or reach out to the office.

Important dates

May 3: MCA Science testing grade 5

May 4: MCA Science testing grade 5

May 4: 3rd-grade field trip to Watertower Park 2:30-3:30

May 9-13: Online Auction

May 9-13: Last week to check out library books

May 10: Mrs. Pearce & Ms. Corcoran field trip to Watertower Park 1:45-2:45

May 11: Mrs. Flatten & Mrs. Mauer field trip to Watertower Park 11:00-12:00

May 11: 3rd-grade field trip to Silver Lake Park 2:00-3:30

May 13: Kindergarten Miss Lor and Mrs. Holtan field trip to Watertower Park 10:30-11:30

May 13: Kindergarten Ms. Lewis and Mr. Kirkham field trip to Watertower Park 2:10-3:10

May 16-20: Library books are due

May 16: PTA meeting at 6:15 pm in the Media Center

May 17: Mr. M&M's 5th graders 1st field trip to John Glenn/Skyview Middle 10:15-11:30

May 18: Mrs. Flatten & Mrs. Mauer field trip to Watertower Park 11:00-12:00

May 18: 3rd-grade field trip to Casey Lake Park 1:45-3:30

May 19: Mr. M&M's 5th graders 2nd field trip to John Glenn/Skyview Middle 10:15-11:30

May 20: Family Social 3:15-3:45

May 24: Kg-2nd-grades The Great Brodini 2:30-3:05

May 24: 3rd-5th-grades The Great Brodini 3:10-3:40

May 25: Mrs. Flatten 7 Mrs. Mauer field trip to Casey Lake Park 11:00-1:15

May 25: 4th & 5th-grades Egg Drop 2:15-3:15 (rain out day will be May 26th)

May 26: Kindergarten field trip to Silver Lake Park 2:10 - 3:30

May 27: No school, Staff Development

May 30: No school, Memorial Day

May 31: 5th-grade Celebration 2:30-3:30

June 1: 1st-grade field trip to Casey Lake Park 9:45-11:50

June 1: Mr. Cook, Mr. Habbe & Mrs. Rappe field trip to Watertower Park 12:00-1:00

June 1: Kindergarten Celebration 2:45-3:15

June 1: 5th-grade vs Staff in kickball 3:00 - 3:40

June 2: EL (5th grade only) field trip Dairy Queen 2:00-3:25

June 2: Last day of school KG-5th grade

Thank you for all you do to support your child's learning,

Ms. G


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Dear Richardson Parents/Guardians

Spring is trying to get here and along with that comes the Allergies. Sneezing, wheezing, runny/stuffy nose, itchy/watery eyes!!

The trees are starting to bud and the pollen will fly. Once it finally gets warm it will be bursting all at once.

Some tips to make the season easier for your child:

• Start any antihistamines and nasal sprays early. Keep going with them until the season is over

• Give the antihistamine at night before bed so they wake up with fewer symptoms/tiredness for the school day

• Have your child shower/wash their hair at night to get the pollen off before bed

• Keep the windows closed to keep pollen out of the house

• Always check with your child’s physician for any questions or concerns

COVID is still a thing-IF your child tests positive you must fill out the student response form so it can be reported to the district and state.

The stomach bug is still happening: if your child is sick please keep them home. We strive to keep our kids safe and healthy in school.

Symptoms may include but are not limited to:

- Runny/stuffy nose

- Fever

- Body aches and/or Ear aches

- Stomach aches, pains and/or vomiting

-Coughing due to illness

A refresher on our guidelines:

-If your child has any symptoms of illness or is sent home from school they must be kept home at least 24 hours AND/OR until they are symptom-free without meds for 24 hours.

If your child has any medications in our office they will need to be picked up in person at the end of the school year. You will get a letter with additional information this month.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns OR my office number is 651.748.6915.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation.

Nurse Konnie

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Pre-K and Youth Enrichment Flyers

Click Community Education - Youth Enrichment to be directed to the district pre-K, youth, and family flyers so you can register for some really fun classes this summer.

Swim Lessons Summer 2022

Laura Greenlee-Karp


Snack donation

Richardson Elementary is in need of snack donations for our students. If you are able to donate snacks like crackers for our students, please bring them to the office.