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Redwood and cedar are also options to consider.

Compare the Decking Materials Available Today

A deck provides an easy way to expand the living space of the home and brings a good return on investment when the home sells. However, individuals need to compare the various deck options available to them. A person may assume a traditional wood deck is the only option today but nothing is further from the truth. By taking the time to research these options, a homeowner can ensure he or she makes the right choice for the home and their lifestyle. Furthermore, this research may also lead to the person finding a deck design he or she loves but wasn't aware of before the process started. What are the advantages of each type of decking material?


When discussing a wooden deck with a Deck Builder Marietta, be aware that a number of woods may be used for the project. Most homeowners opt for pressure treated lumber because it is easy to obtain and doesn't cost a fortune. It makes an attractive deck, but a homeowner must maintain the deck and treat it regularly to increase its weather resistance while preventing splitting, warping, and cracking.

Redwood and cedar are also options to consider. They are resistant to insects, warping, and cracking. However, they cost a great deal more when initially purchased. Another option is tropical woods, as these woods are very dense and resistant to pests. They make a gorgeous deck also. Some homeowners will prefer composite wood, however. This type of material is made with wood fibers and recycled plastic and doesn't have the drawbacks seen with traditional wood.

Aluminum Decking

One option many homeowners aren't aware of is aluminum decking. This material makes the strongest deck and will last for an extremely long period of time. Nevertheless, homeowners do pay a great deal more at the time of purchase, as it is the most expensive decking option available today. For this reason, many homeowners choose one of the wood options open to them.

Speak to a Deck Builder Atlanta to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each decking material. Regardless of which material is selected, the deck will be a great addition to the home. It increases the home's living space, provides an area to enjoy the great outdoors, and is of great benefit when entertaining family and friends. You'll love this project once it is complete.