Maui, Hawaii

City of Kapalua


In Kapalua there is a lot of nice and friendly people that like to help out a lot around the little town. There is lots of little shops with really cool homemade things such as baskets, pottery, and little painted glass animals. Kapalua is a safe feeling area and its a perfect vacation place! The natural characteristics of Kapalua are awesome, there are old volcanoes and amazing beach trees, the ocean is also really nice place to hang out.


Kapalua is a little area in Hawaii on the island Maui. It can be found exactly at 20.9967 degrees north and 156.6531 degrees west. It is located by Lahaina and Kaanapali which are also found on the island Maui.


People in Kapalua are really nice and they enjoy their envirionment. Usually in Kapalua it is really hot outside and sunny, so people mostly wear clothing for hot weather. In a lot of the shops and buildings in Kapalua there aren't any windows in the buildings because its so nice outside that the breeze is good enough to work as air conditioning. A lot of the natural characteristics in Kapalua are still there.


There is some reasons why people visit or live in Kapalua. The natural characteristics are really pretty. Lots of people come for the experience and views. There is old volcanoes to see, awesome trees and the ocean is a really nice place to hang out. You can drive up mountains and drive through mountains too. People might move away from Kapalua because of the prices and job availability. Also people might want the season Winter and get snow.


Kapalua is pretty hot and humid for weather, sometimes it rains. Its also in Maui on the island Hawaii. Which is all grouped up. Hawaii is kinda a vacation place because there is a lot of resorts and excursion places.