Alexa Carroll

Dogs And Puppys

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Things you Need

Chapter 2. Training your Puppy

Chapter 3. Taking Care of your dog

Chapter 4. Tricks

Chapter 5. Fun Things to do

Chapter 6. Names

Chapter 7. 5 Most Popular dog Breeds

Chapter 8. Fun Places to go

Chapter 9. Fun Facts

About the Author


Woof woof whoa hi this is a book called Dogs and Puppies.This book is about how to take care of your dogs and puppies. This book will teach you all about the things you will need and how to take care of them.This book was really hard to make so I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 1.Things you Need

If you are going to get a puppy or a dog you will need a LOT of stuff .Some things you get will be easy to find and some won't . The things you will need are leash/collar/food/water from sink/food bowl/water bowl/bones/treats and a crate.When you get all of that you will just need to set it all up.When you set it all up you will be ready for your new dog or puppy.

Chapter 2.Training your Puppy

If you are ready for a puppy you will need some stuff.First what you will need is to get when 8 to 16 weeks/treats/gate or fence if you don't have one of those.When you get your puppy you need to know how to treat it right.When you treat it right it will be easier to train it then it will grow up big and strong.

Chapter 3.Taking Care of your dog

If you want to learn how to take care of your dog then keep on reading.If you want to learn how to take care of your dog their are 4 easy steps.Step 1: walk your dog.Step 2: brush your dog.Step 3: the dog's nails need to be cut if they are too long.Step 4: your dog needs to be groomed. If you got all that down you are all, wait a minute, I forgot the most important thing. Step 5: make sure to always feed and give you dog water.Now you know how to take care of your dog.

Chapter 4.Tricks

If you want to teach your dog tricks but you don't know any well I think I have some tric up my sleeve.Here they go site/paw/stay/laydown/hifive and jump.So now you know oh wait the only way to teach them is if you give them a treat.Soo now you know smoe tricks to teach .And if you want too learn some more tricks go to google chrome and look up dog tricks.

Chapter 5.Fun Things to do

If you want to have some to ideas of some fun things to do with your dog then keep on reading .I think I may have some good ideas of some good games to play with your dog .1 Hide and seek/2 tage/3 feach and last but not least chase.Soo now you have some good ideas of some fun things to do if you are reading that is.

Chapter 6.Names

If you want to get some good names well here they are 1.Charley/2.Cupcake/3.Luke/4.Cookie/5.Traper/6.Rocko/7.Bentley and number 8.Mr.Bowjangles.Now you know some good names.And if you dont't think these are good names well lets see what Sophia thinks I think they are great names and you could pick any of them. Well now you know you can pick any one you want.

Chapter 7. 5 Most Popular dog Breeds

If you want to know what the 5 most populer dog breeds you came to the right page.Number1.Labrador Retriever labs were onec used by fisherman.Number2.German Shepherd this sturdy breed is familiar for its use in low enforcement and the miltary.Number 3.Golden Retriever the Golden Retriever was first bred in scotland for hunting.Number 4.Beagle cute and curious.Number 5.Bulldog known for its stocky bulid and wide/wrinkly face.

Chapter 8.Fun Places to go

If you want to go to some fun places to go with your dog then you came to the right page.Here are some places I went with my dogs dog park/hiking/walks/beach and the lake.Now you know good places to go then you will know how fun it was when I went.

P.S. I hope you like the places!!

Chapter 9. Fun Facts

1. Your dog is as smart as a two year old toddler

2. Dogs and cats slurp the same way

3. Your dog understands time, and misses you when you're gone

4. Dogs can hear 4 times as far as humans

5. Your dog can smell your feelings

About the Author

Hi my name is Alexa Steiner Carroll I was

born at Lowell General Hospital.

I am 9 years old

my favorite pet is a puppy

and when I grow up I want to be a baker.

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