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November 13, 2020

Dear Inspire Families:

One of the most transformative things Inspire does for students is to allow them to see the possibilities at the intersection between the arts and the sciences. The sciences prepare them to understand how the world works; the arts allow them to understand their own relationship to it.

In Erin Horst's Creative Writing Class today, students shared their motivations for writing. Several wrote about the need to process their experiences in the world through writing, and expressed their gratitude for the ways that writing allowed them to connect to others' experiences through their work. Inspire senior Adynn Rice sent me a poem entitled "C-H-I-C-O":

"In the month of October

The leaves are falling in their yellow, brown, and orange pattern

The sun,

Still warm from the summer days

Yet somehow


I still feel like nothing's changed,


Everything has changed, but it hasn't"

This year has meant so many changes for students, so many new expectations to get used to, so many looked-forward-to events to say goodbye to. I am grateful that what hasn't changed is the connection we have to each other, the sense of community, the commitment to kindness. Adynn's poem reminds me to hope.

With gratitude,

Becky Brown


Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

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4th Period starts next Thursday, November 19th

Tech Exchange

If your student was in 3rd period Electronic Music Composition, 2D Animation, or Yearbook/Journalism, they must return their laptop on Wednesday the 18th from noon to 2pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

If their 4th period class is Pop Band, Adv. Audio Video or Yearbook/Journalism, they will need to pick up a laptop on Wednesday the 18th from 2pm to 4:30pm

  • Have them stay tuned to The Perch for appointment scheduling details
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Messages from the Main Office

Office Hours

The office is open from 8-4 Monday through Friday.

If the gate is locked, please try both sides before calling the office.

Class Materials

You do not need an appointment to pick up or drop off materials for classes.

However, if you need to exchange a laptop, a Chromebook or other equipment, please call the office beforehand.

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Attendance Expectations

Though students are not on campus, attendance is mandatory for both your classes and Friday afternoon Advisory.

Distance Learning Attendance Expectations:

  • Teachers will track attendance for the duration of class.
  • Students are required to log in, on time, at the beginning of each period and remain logged in until excused.
  • If a student cannot make a class period, a parent/guardian must call or email attendance as usual.
  • Students should stay in communication with their teachers.

If a student:

  • is late, a tardy will be recorded.
  • is absent, an absence will be recorded.
  • logs off early or is otherwise unresponsive, they may receive a cut/absence.

We understand this is a challenging time and that things will not always go well, but we ask that you respect the schedule, and the time and effort that has gone into making this work. Allowances for tech issues and connectivity will be made on a case by case basis, please call or email the office if you are having issues.

To leave a message on the Attendance Line please call (530) 891-3133.
Emails can be sent to

More information HERE.

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Yearbook 2020-2021

This is a year like no other, and our yearbook staff is working to document it all for you.

Be sure to buy your yearbook now, before prices go up!

From now to December 31 the book is $80, January 1-April 30 the book will be $85 and starting May 1 the book will be $90. Payment plans are available now through December 31 to reserve the $80 price.

Click HERE to learn more about Yearbook.

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Cozy Up This Fall Inspire Style!

We got this stay at home Zoom thing & you get to help our dancers!

Get your Inspire “i” Blanket, black plush fleece with a purple embroidered “i” TODAY!

Blankets have arrived and will be available the Monday after your purchase. Purchase online HERE!

  • $25 minimum donation (Comes with a clear storage bag) + $5 shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Contact us for international rates.
  • If you purchase 4 blankets you will receive 2 free tickets to our next live dance event!
  • After purchase, blankets can be picked up at the Inspire Office (the Monday after purchase) or shipped directly to your home for an additional fee.
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Senior Section

Parents/Guardians of Seniors, check HERE regularly

for information about:

Counseling Office

Is your student having trouble with school or classes?

Need to talk to about their schedule?

In need of emotional support?

Let us help!

Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


Tasha Teeter -students last names beginning A-K

Marcus Hopkins – students last names beginning L-Z


In an effort to raise the money needed to rebuild and relocate, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is building a donor wall at the new school to feature metal engraved feathers so you can make a lasting legacy for the future Inspire students and staff.

Feather Options:

  • 15" Feather - $1000
  • 12" Feather - $500
  • 9" Feather - $250

Reserve your feather here. You will be asked what you would like engraved on both lines - don't worry, you can update this anytime in the next two years by calling the Inspire Foundation at (530) 999-2882. Feathers have limited quantities. All donor recognition is subject to the approval of the Inspire School of Arts & Sciences Foundation Board. All donors will be listed on the capital campaign page unless anonymous.

Neverland Ball Planning Meeting

November 16

6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

This event takes many volunteers working together to make it successful and we need your help.

Click here to RSVP/learn more


For attendance:

For general questions, or material appointments:

  • Call the front office at (530) 891-3090

For technology assistance:

To speak with your child's teacher:

To speak with the Principal/Superintendent:

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