By Andrew Miranda, June 2, 2015

Definition of Perseverance

The definition of perseverance differs from person. Dictionaries describe it as a steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Other may describe it differently. I describe it as never stopping, no matter the obstacle. Many great people such as Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Tom Monaghan.
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Tom Monaghan (Problem/solution)

Tom Monaghan had many adversities when trying to make Domino's Pizza. First, he had to deal with business dropping 75%, which he dealt with by doing everything himself at the shop. Second, he had to deal with Jim, his brother that borrowed 900$ with Tom to open the pizza shop. Jim caused problems such as making Tom sell half the business to Jim for a delivery car, demanding a job for nothing less than an equal partnership, and spent his money on over-the-top things, like cars, property, and random improvements to his house. Tom dealt with it all by simply persevering and kept on going with his business.
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Jackie Robinson (Description)

An adversity Jackie faced was baseball, and the racism that went on. The adversity was Branch Rickey trying to get Jackie Robinson to help stop racism in baseball by playing in a white-only league. This was to show that blacks in baseball were as good, if not better than whites, and at the time, blacks had their own league, and weren't allowed to play with whites until Branch Rickey got Jackie into a white-only league. JR had to deal with racist fans, opposing players, and even teammates without reacting negatively to get people to stop segregating blacks in baseball.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey once came together for a noble experiment, Jackie was to play in a white-only baseball league. The problem was, Jackie was black. This made both opposing players, fans, and even teammates act harshly and extremely racist. Jackie was to react as calmly as possible to deter people from being racist. This was one of the first things done against racism. Years before Rosa Parks refused to give away a bus seat, and years farther away from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.

What can we learn from the Perseverance of others?

Great people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Tom Monaghan had to face many great adversities. Things we can learn from it can be found in their many adversities. Some things are Tom Monaghan's definition of failure, when you stop trying. Also, to never fail, also supported by Tom's definition. In short, many great people had to persevere to find such success.