News from Fantastic 1st Graders

Mrs. Leidig's Learners - a Weekly Newsletter

A few of the skills we'll be learning this week:

MTSS (Reading Switches): We have completed a 2 week unit on phoneme segmentation (splitting apart the sounds in words) in my group, and we are diving deeper into that during these next 2 weeks by changing beginning/ending sounds and connecting it to writing. As an FYI (if you were unable to make it to the 1st grade hot dog feed in August), many teachers work with 1st graders on various skills during this time. They are: Sky Davis, Nancy Turner, Cheryl Biggs, and all 3 1st grade teachers.

Handwriting: We are working on "being proud" of our writing - sometimes I'll comment on their paper to "just bump the line" because we're working on not "floating" above the line or "dipping" below the line. I call it "being proud" - some of them call it "being picky!" Ha!

Daily 5/Guided Reading: Read to Self, Read to Partner, Working on Words, Listen to Reading, and this week - Working on Writing! We will be starting our writing notebooks this week - hopefully we'll have some fun 1st grade writing samples to share with you at conferences. :)

Phonics: Sight words - This week, we will be doing a REVIEW WEEK, so students may continue to study a column each night if you would like them to practice, but when they read to an adult, they will be asked to read 1-2 of their "already mastered" columns to see if we are retaining the information. We are hopeful that when the little nightly book (and Book It) begins in October, students will already be in the habit of doing a bit of reading each night and the word practice will pay off and tie into nightly reading!

Math: This will be a REVIEW WEEK so that we can finish qualifying students for the "Tens Club", and revisit and dive deeper into the math skills we've worked on so far this year.

Social Studies/Science: Johnny Appleseed, Stages of an apple tree, how an apple gets from seed to the store, to our homes. Yummy!

A Reason to Celebrate!

Lexia: More and more students are working on this program at home, as well as at school. I got to print off 2 certificates this week for students completing levels!

Tens Club: Here are the combinations students are asked to tell/show -

10+0/0+10, 1+9/9+1, 2+8/8+2, 3+7/7+3, 4+6/6+4, 5+5. They're doing great and just need to review to get more automatic now. :)

THANK YOU so very much for your volunteer time and for the nice donations this last week to your child's classroom! It's so much fun to see the classroom come together and to see their excitement grow!

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