Start the Art

By Hayley Baca

The Love for Animation

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to draw for a living. I loved to draw, and was quite a natural at it too. My favorite was to draw out my own cartoon characters, hoping that one day my characters would be in movies. This career path is known as animation; the creation of characters from a list of characteristics and personalities. My career goal is to be an animator and my dream is to draw for Disney.

Animation Experts

The True Character Behind the Creations

These are a few animation experts that have been role models in my life. Their unique and popular creation of characters have fascinated me for years. The fullness of personality, and depth of relative feelings for the characters is just jaw dropping. They bring you to a different reality in every cartoon, comic, movie, or script. You love the loveable one, you dislike the dislikable one, and pity the pitiful one. Of the three, Walt Disney has captured most of my interest based on the fact that he eventually made his alternative reality into one that everyone can experience.