TIEL Conference

April 9, 2016

Static vs. Dynamic: Engaging Courses Designed for the 21st Century

Presenters: Stephanie Martin, Renee Flierl, and Mike Rzepka from Bryant and Stratton College

Student engagement is essential in any class. This presentation will introduce participants to several tools they can use in the eLearning arena to reimagine content—taking it from static to dynamic—and increase student engagement along the way. Through the use of various web-based tools, instructors can propel their content to a new level through animation, visual engagement, and interactivity.

Tools like Smore, Sway, and Powtoon, all of which have free versions, can be used to draw students into lessons they may otherwise ignore. Animated video, visually appealing posters, and interactive material will keep students active in their classes and will encourage them to come back to see what comes next.

We all know creating engaging activities helps students retain information, but what happens when the “written” content necessary for learning is delivered in an engaging way as well?

Contact Information

Stephanie Martin (Senior Instructional Technologist) - samartin@bryantstratton.edu
Renee Flierl (Instructional Technologist) - rlflierl@bryantstratton.edu
Mike Rzepka (Faculty Trainer) - msrzepka@bryantstratton.edu