Fat Loss Review

What affects the successful weight loss?

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- What is the proper, healthy and above all long-term successful weight loss is the eternal question of those who suffer from a few extra pounds.

Long-term loss of body fat and improve their well-being can not be achieved with the help of commercial diets, which are described in journals and books, and even less will help you along the way wide variety of teas, pills and anti-cellulite cream.

On successful weight loss depends on the following factors:

• diet and. rather diet
• Exercise to maintain muscle mass
• aerobic activities
• nutritional supplements that affect fat loss

Optimization of these factors means setting ideal circumstances for the loss of body fat and overall well-being by bringing a healthy lifestyle. The first three factors are most important, and the fourth represents the icing on the cake when you're on a diet for some time and begins to slow down fat loss.

Eating plan
Forget the miracle diet. The result of various diets based only on specific foods, limit meals at a certain time, refusing meat and the like, is a fast weight loss. However, weight loss does not necessarily mean loss of body fat,
as many people mistakenly think. To reduce weight can blame the loss of water and glycogen stores, emptying of food from the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, decomposition of body protein (muscle). Too fast weight loss, where you lose muscle instead of fat, slows metabolism, leading to weight regain after diet cessation ('yo-yo' effect).

The big problem with these diets is reflected in the fact that the body does not provide all the necessary materials that you need to enter the food. Malaise and lack of energy are therefore almost inevitable result of improper nutrition.

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