Nuclear Fussion

Kendall Osborne

May 6, 2016

Today my partner, Dr.Smith, and I, Kendall Osborne, will be releasing the results to our lab "Nuclear Fusion". In our lab we studied how nuclear fusion produces energy and what that energy can be used for.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear Fusion is the combination of many small nuclei to form one large nuclei that produces energy. Nuclear fusion is different from nuclear fission because nuclear fission releases energy by splitting atoms rather than combining them.

What Are the Benefits to Nuclear Fusion?

Benefits to Nuclear Fusion included...
  • Production does not produce any greenhouse gases or other atmospheric pollutants during operation
  • No production of long-lived, highly radiotoxic products
  • Fusion power will not burden society with a long-term toxic waste issue

Safety Concerns

  • Waste can be toxic for a few years
  • Can be used to produce nuclear weapons

Economic Impact

Nuclear Fusion is by far the safest and most reliable way to produce energy on a large scale. Nuclear Fusion doesn't only produce energy, the factories also produce jobs. If we use this energy producion on a large scale companies will thrive off of selling their energy and the buyers will thrive with the amount of energy they are investing in. With Nuclear Fusion we will never have to worry about running out of energy.