3D Printing

Meaghan Day

Fun Facts About 3D Printing

  • Can create whatever you want
  • The first step one has to do in the process is create a visual design
  • Doesn't offer economics of sale
  • The real things are very expensive; Up to $4000
  • The pen version is much cheaper
  • The first model was made by a company called Pirate Bay
  • A house has been created using a 3D Printer
  • Uses layers
  • Has started going into schools

Example of the Cost of 3D Printers








Some Examples of Replacement Bones Made With A 3D Printer

3D Printers on Mars?!

3D printers are now becoming apart of our everyday lives but they have an even brighter future. For decades scientists have been talking about inhabiting Mars and now these printers are making it happen. The plan is to send a printer to the red planet and then have it make necessities the astronauts will need. 3D printers could decide the fate of a potential Mars colony.

Awesome Things People Have Made Using a 3D Printer

Top 10 Amazing Things People Have Made with 3D Printers

Candy Store Uses 3D Printing to Create Food!

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