Mrs. Butera's Class

December 11, 2015

Channel 12 Weather

Tune in to the 6 o'clock news and weather this Saturday and you will hear TJ DelSanto mention the kids. He came and visited us on Monday and taught us all about how he tells the weather. The kids had a great time touring his weather-mobile! Here are the channels on the different cable systems. MyRITV on channel 64.2 over the air, or on: Verizon 14 (SD) or 514 (HD) Cox 21 (SD) or 1015 (HD) Comcast 292 (SD) or 820 (HD, some areas) Full Channel 91 Charter 113.
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Report cards go home on December 17th.


It was very nice meeting with all of you at conferences the other day. I am so thankful for your support from home. We are all working together like a team, we are seeing some amazing results with our kiddos!


On Thursday, Keith Remillard came to introduce the students to C.O.D.E. on their computers. Please listen the following clip to explain a little bit about it.
What Most Schools Don't Teach

Holiday Shopping

Our class has an opportunity to shop at the Holiday Shop on December 15th. Please be sure that if you send in money it is in either a baggie or an envelop with their name. Thanks!

Please continue to practice counting!!

eSpark Learning: Numbers 11-19 as a Group of 10 and Ones (K.NBT.1)