Stephen F. Austin The Empresario

Diamond K. White

Stephen F. Austin The Enpresario

Stephen F. Austin Life

Stephen F. Austin was born in in Virginina on November 3, 1793. He was raised in southeastern Missiour.Stephen F. Austin was known as the father of Texas. He was known as the father of Texas becouse Stephen F. Austin brought 300 families to the United States. Stephen F. Austin was a very smart child, when he was eleven years old Stepen F. Austin parents sent Stephen F. Austin to teach at a Acamdeny.

Moving To Texas

While Stephen F. Austin was in Arkansas Austin's dad was on his way from Missiour when he was attacked and was killed. Stephen F. Austin took his father place. Later Stephen realized that his mom Mary got a letter from someone two days before Stephens dad Mosses was killed. I think that Mary had something to do with her husbands death, but I am not sure.

Pasy Families Of Stephen F. Austin

Stepehns F. Austin dad past on first in Austin lie that I know of. Then I think that Austin mother Mary died next I think. I also think that Stephen and his sister Emiliy tried to take care of each other into one of them died.

Relationship To Mexico

Austin relationship to Mexico is a very good relationship . He helped Mexico with war and shelter and brought some of the Mexicos families to the United States so they can build a better life. Stephen F. Austin is a cool person but some people think that he is a bad person, look how much stuff he has been threw in his life.

How did stephen F, Austin Die

Stephen F. Austin died by being attacked or shot I cant really remember. I also think he might of died of old age or something. He might of died of a depressed sitituation. There is a million ways he could of have died, I just dont know exactly yet.