HounD DoG WaS IT TruE ?

BY: Linda Urban

Advice Column

Dear Marissa,

Did you like all of the twists in the book Hound Dog True? I personally thought that some parts were sad even though the book had me as a main character. I was so nervous at the end of the book when I went into my first day of 5th grade. Next you should read A Crooked Kind Of Perfect. Thank you for reading the book that I stared in.

LOVE, Mattie Breen

My Book Summary

In the beginning, I got to learn about a girl. That girl was shy, and sad. And then a spark of joy was fling one night waiting for the perfect person that needed to be happy. That person was Mattie Breen. This is how I saw the book through my eyes. There she was stranded alone by herself,with no friends, no family.

In the middle, Uncle Potluck is out. Out with Mrs. Sweet, Mattie's used to be best friend. Quincy. From now on, Quincy is going to be spending the night. What will happen?

In the end, Uncle Potluck is healed.

(READ THIS BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. And when I said what I did, I am seeing this through my own eyes.)


Another topic that I know about that I can relate to while I was reading this book was, the great depression. Because, there is so much sadness. Then, there is love. Because of dr. Martin Luther King jr. there is peace but if he never did this we might even be slaves. Just like Mattie Breen from Hound Dog True.


Dear Linda Urban,

Hi my name is Marissa. I will tell you about this story. I think that you should make the chapters shorter but add more. I think this because, every chapter took a realy long time to read.

Sincerely, Marissa