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Solve word problems with 3 addends; use associative and commutative properties to make ten with three addends. Practice fluency with facts to 10.
Homework: worksheets each day
Thursday: Test

Science and Social Studies

Science: Estimating weight
Homework: none
Thursday: Test

Social Studies: Sinkers and Floaters
Homework: none
Friday: Weekly class worksheet activity


Story of the Week
Homework: study sight words each night and read sentences
Thursday and Friday: Testing on sight words and sentences
Friday: Test on "Jack and the Beanstalk"

Mark R 17

childrens books by Mark R 17

ELA and Spelling

ELA: Final consonant blends and exclamatory sentences
Daily worksheets and in class activities

Words with short "u" and final consonant blends: example- st, nt, mp and sk.
Homework: Write spelling words 3 times each and sentences once.
Thursday: Test

Phonics Sounds First Grade Unit 1 - Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read


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