Hotel Almirante Cartagena, Cartagena - Bolívar, Colombia

Hotel Almirante Cartagena, Cartagena - Bolívar, Colombia

How is arrived at Hotel Almirante Cartagena?

from nautical Cartagena

You go right then left then up three blocks from there to the right you go up and stays in a corner.

-how many tree

-how many pole are there?

-how many flags are there?

there are a lot of flags there

¿How many trees are there?

There is big tree.

¿how many cows are there?

There are six cows in the garden.

¿How many horses are there?

There are little horses.

¿How many houses are there?

There are seven homes, more or less

¿how many canoes are there?

There is a canoe the color red

¿how many ducks are there?

There are two ducks in the garden

¿How many flowers are there?

There are a lot of flowers

¿How many flower pots are there?

There are seven flower pots

¿There are some lake?

Yes, there is a lake

How many there are shrubs in the landscape

Yes, there are five shurbs

-how much sand there

-how much sheet

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From January 2 to 6 is held bullfighting in Cartagena de Indias. Torero of Colombia and the world exhibit a fabulous show for Cartagena and tourists.

Beach Volleyball - Beach Soccer

In January, Easter, June and December tournaments Beach Volleyball and Beach Soccer is made. Professional teams participating Latin America, USA and Canada. These events are alternated concerts DJs, contests Mini Tanga, Girl Wet and raffle prizes among other

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International Competitions Fishing

Water Sports

Regatta Navy

Fishing Club Regatta

Regatta Yacht Club

Nautical Week

Meetings and Conventions

Antiques Fair

Tourist Sites, place to visit in Cartagena

1.Castillo de San Felipe

2. La Popa

3. Gold Museum

4. Old Shoes

5. The Palace of the Inquisition

6. Church of Santo Toribio

7. The Church of San Pedro Claver

8. The Cathedral of Santo Domingo

9. Parque Simon Bolivar

10 Ground Pump

11. The Walls

12. The Clock Tower

13. Fishing Club

14. Naval Museum

15. The Vaults

16. Parque Fernandez Madrid

17. Plaza de los Coches

18. Park San Diego

19. Parque Centenario

20. the ridge of the Martyrs

21. Plaza de la Aduana

22. Islas del Rosario

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Mayor of Cartagena

was born on Christmas Day 1973, has three brothers males (Yuri Nicolay, Dusan Alvin and Amaury Nicholas) His father is Dionisio Edmundo Vélez White, a graduate agronomist at the University of Magdalena, who has held many public positions in Cartagena and has he served on many boards of private companies in the late 80s created the Technology Foundation Antonio Arevalo, a center of higher education which is rector.
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Product cost

how much are 10 cellular?

they are fifteen millons dollars thirthy five cents

cuánto son 5 botellas de cerveza?

son € 50, veinticinco centas. (50,25)

how much is a cellphone?

it's twenty-five pounds, thirty five pence.(25.35)

how much is this computer 90 (ninety pound)