the most powerful and best god in greek mythology

The story of Zeus

Zeus is the son of Cronus and his father ate his brothers and sisters so before Cronus ate Zeus the Mom hid baby Zeus. When Zeus grew up he made Cronus vomit his siblings and got rid of all the titans. Then Zeus gave each god a role and had many affairs which resalted in having heros and more gods.

He was even telling the gods what to do.

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Zeus's traits

Zeus in the storys was a cheater, leaderly, and virtious.

An example of two of his traits

For example, Zeus was married to Hera but to have more kids he cheated on Hera and had more kids with more goddesses. Also he did it for lust. Also how he does cruel punishments to a god one time doing stuff he wasn't suppose to do.

Quotes from the stories

“As the sky god Zeus had easy access to the women of the world and took advantage to it” (edweb.com). " Zeus sent thunderbolts flying around the sky, and he had Prometheus dragged to the top of the Caucasus Mountains and tied up in heavy, unbreakable chains" (uua.org)


This shows that Zeus is a cheater because he had so many wives and kids and sense he had easy access to get women easy he took advantage of it and never truly loved his wives. Also that he does cruel punishments to other gods who do stuff that tick him off like giving coal to people.

The Conclusion or Analysis

Finally why Zeus is leaderly, ceater, and virtuous because he has so many wives and kids, he tells other gods what to do and he punishes people who do not follow the rules.

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Zeus' Theme song