Autumn Snyder

What resources do they use on a regular basis? What do they export?

The economy of Ecuador is based on mostly exports of oil, bananas, shrimp, and other primary agricultural products. Money transfers from nearly a million Ecuadorian emigrants employed abroad.

Did Ecuador face any wars? How did it affect them?

Ecuadorian War of Independence fought from 1820 - 1822 affected them by becoming independent from Spanish rule.

What is the average day like for a 12 year old?

The average day of an Ecuadorian 12 year old is just like ours. They have the same day like us. The only thing different is they get out of school earlier.

What environmental issue is Ecuador currently facing?

The major environmental issues are erosion in the highlands, deforestation, and water pollution and flooding. It was all caused by farming, oil development, and flooding.