By: Will Zimmerman

The Life Of Tintoretto

Jacopo Robusti, better known as Tintoretto, was born in 1518 in Venice, Italy and lived their all his life. His name, Tintoretto, meant "little dyer," because of his father who was a silk dyer. Tintoretto studied with Bonifazio Veronese and Paris Bordone, but his true master was Titian, who greatly influenced his style. Tintoretto was a renowned painter that cared simply for his work and his family, and he did not focus on much else. His breakout painting, Apollo and Marsyas (1545), was painted for the patron Pietro Aretino. Pietro, astounded by the speed in which the painting was done and by the beauty of the painting, recommended Tintoretto to many other patrons thereafter. His most extraordinary and famous piece was the Crucifixion (1565), and he painted the daring painting, The Last Supper (1592-1594), in his later years. Tintoretto did not work for any patrons in particular but, rather, drew what the public wished to see. Tintoretto's early works showed secularism because of portraits of pagan gods and goddesses. Classicism was also shown throughout his works because of his interest in the ancient world and its artworks.
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Tintoretto's most well-known piece, Crucifixion, was painted in 1565. There was a sophisticated arrangement of dramatic gestures. Tintoretto connects the modern-era with the timelessness of the crucifixion of Christ with the natural world, using a management of lights. I find it interest because it gives a great visual on the most important event in Christian history. Naturalism is linked with this piece because Tintoretto is using lights and textures to show the event and how it actually took place. This piece is showing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with plenty of events going on around him. The virgin Mary, Jesus' mother, is shown passed out at the foot of the cross and is caught in the arms of some of the apostles. Around Christ, criminals are being nailed to the cross and hoisted up while people around the scene view. You can view this piece today at Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice or on numerous websites such as Artstor or Google Images.

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