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Atlanta office search

The Eight Mistakes Tenants Make When Leasing Office Space

Everyone makes mistakes – Hey, we all make mistakes – BUT - when it comes to leasing office space for your business, mistakes equal dollars – sometimes big dollars.

  1. Lack of Planning: Since companies relocate at most once every 3 years, many tenants aren’t clear on what exactly they need…

Atlanta Office Search TIP: have an architect do a space program and figure out what size you need, or use our office space calculator to give you a good guest mate.

2. Lack of tenant representation. If you were in a lawsuit, you would not use the same attorney as the other party. Their know-how and advice are indispensable, and they can prevent you from leasing office space that you’ll just end up leaving a few months down the road. an attorney that understands the monster that is commercial real estate.

3. Lack of document inspection. Commercial leases are LONG and each building has their own lease (ranging from 10 pages to over 150). Atlanta Office Search TIP: Have the HVAC (air and heat) unit in your space inspected before you sign the lease

4. Rent and security deposit: Prior to signing a Lease or Lease Renewal, many people do not benchmark similar properties, and end up paying rent through their nose However, if the owner of the leasing office space seems to be in a tearing hurry to rent out his place.

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