Help! There's a Monkey in My Head!

Care & feeding for the creative critter between your ears.

Give your young authors the tools they need.

Good writing (or any creative endeavor) involves more than technical skill; it requires high motivation, and the ability to manage the monkey-like capers of the creative mind.

Andrea's energetic and entertaining presentation will lead your young writers through:

  • Feeding the creative monkey mind
  • Producing results when the monkey is not cooperative
  • Training the monkey
  • Caring for the monkey mind
  • Tips on revision and creative productivity.

What Do The Critics Say?

"Andrea Gabriel combines fascinating lessons dealing with revision, the book making process, and confidence in one's abilities with humor and amazing crowd control."

"She is easy going and interactive, offering a learning opportunity that is both fun and academic. I will not hesitate to invite Andrea to visit my students in the future!"

~Katy Ackerson, Librarian - Blaine Primary School

"To the best of my knowledge, Andrea Gabriel has never run screaming from a room of second graders with her hair on fire. Well...not lately."

~Janet A. Giesen, Teacher - Irene Reither Primary, Bellingham

"It was one of the best days I’ve had in years! The kids loved her, the staff loved her, the principal loved her and the parents loved her. She made me look great because I twisted her arm to come to Cooper. What more could I have asked for?"

~Sherryl Murray - Cooper Elementary, Seattle

How Much Does it Cost?

A full day's visit is $600, and can include as many as 6 sessions. Many smaller presentations is much more engaging for everyone than a large school assembly

Special bargain for 2012-2013: Andrea is offering a $100 discount for each school when schools within 50 miles of each other book for consecutive days. In other words, if you sign up for the day before or after a school near to you, you both get $100 off. What a deal!

Where Will You Travel?

Andrea will travel anywhere to do these visits. In fact, Rome looks nice....but additional travel expenses will be applied for anywhere outside Washington State.

EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE for out-of-state schools however, when several schools book on consecutive days.

Andrea Gabriel

Andrea is the author/illustrator of My Favorite Bear, a natural history picture book for young readers. She is the illustrator of many other books, including Where Do I Sleep, which garnered the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award. She is currently working on her first young adult novel.

She loves teaching and interacting with children just as much as she loves writing and drawing, and that is saying a lot! She has presented in the schools for over ten years without losing a single limb.