March Madness!

Bright Ideas Learning Community LLC

Extra Referral Bonus Through April 9th!

Any family will receive an additional $100 credit on top of the waived field trip fee for each full-time child to attend this summer they refer to us by the end of the NCAA tournament.* Part time kids referred to us will earn a percentage of the credit. Families referred to us must contact us by April 9th expressing interest in our summer program. If they eventually enroll, the referring family will receive the bonus credit in June either toward their summer invoice or toward future invoices!

There is no limit. If you refer 10 additional kids, you receive 10 credits totaling $1000!

If your child is not currently enrolled in Bright Ideas, you may opt to receive your referral incentive in the form of a gift card to a place of your choice.

*The men's tournament ends on April 4th and the women's tournament on April 5th. We are ending this offer Saturday, April 9th.

How can you get the word out?

  • Email a link to our website and link to our enrollment form
  • Post our site on social media
  • Ask people what their plans are for summer when you are at events
  • Tell your kids to talk with their friends
  • Point out our center or sign as you drive by
  • Forward or post the links below of our interactive pics of our new center