1950's Toys

Learn about the past childhood.

Importance of the Toys

Our childhood or early ages is what depends on how we will turn out as adults, and a big part of our childhood is toys and games. So why not learn of past generations and their toys and how it affected them in the way they played, thought, and how they felt of the world.

Brief Description of The Toys

The toys of the era of the 1950's were very simple minded and easy to use by children. These toys were made for children to stay busy while their parents did what they had to do and could not be disturbed by children. Most of the toys from the 1950's were very easy to handle and have fun with it no matter the age or size of the child but in this era the society was still a bit sexist so the male children had a bit more variety of toys, while the female toys had to do with more taking care of a doll like if it were her own or imaginary cooking with a cooking set. Still the impact that they had on the world of the later era tremendous to even imagine but to continue here are some examples of the toys:

Examples of Toys

Guaranteed to be Fun for kids.

Male Toys of the 1950s

There was a big variety of made for male toys, ranging from toy guns that shoot out a certain type of food like marshmallows to a simple silly putty or Play-Doh to a Mr.Potato head toy or a action figure of the GI.Joes. So this big variety of toys is mostly for the male gender and are very simplistic toys compared to the toys/games of the 20th century .

Female Toys of the 1950s

Most of the female toys of the 50's were more like dolls or some type of daughter or baby looking plastic doll that can be dressed up with various types of garments like dresses, pants, shirts, bibs.They can also be moved by the arms,and legs (some doll eyes are movable), also they have many accessories for the dolls (sold separately) that give the dolls more of a variety like the male toys because the girl toys do not have many varieties.


Toys in this day and age are more futuristic and technologically advanced compared to them of the 1950s due to the new technology and the implantation of this technology in to almost everything we do as humans like entertainment, washing, cooking, education, transportation, careers, and everyday chores and things to do.

In Conclusion

Toys of the 1950's had a big impact on kids and the world today because of their importance in the early lives of the kids who are now very old grandparents, and they made the world now as we now it. Some of these toys are still around today and will be a big part of our history and hopefully we can make new and similar toys like them to imapct the kids in good way for the future.