My Passion: Exercise

By: Jacob Tindell

I love to exercise. I have only been working out for about 2 months. I saved up my own money to buy equipment including dumbbell's and 45 lb. bar with weights. I am currently benching 165 and able to do 30 reps. Along with 65 pushups, 30 sit-ups, 45 second planks, and 30 leg raises. My goal is to achieve a 6 pack longer than how long I have had before, because I had abs for like a couple months but once I achieved my abs I didn’t try anymore. I also want to be able to bench 300 lbs. and do 30 reps by time I'm 18. I became interested in this because of three reasons. First, My dad is a pretty built guy, he can bench quite a bit. Second, America is becoming obese and I am not wanting to become one of those citizens. You should never really become obese. Third, People would always bully/pick on me. I have not been bullied ever since one day I busted a kid's nose because he was talking trash about my mom.