A Christmas Carol Backround

Alyssa Dreyer

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is the author of many well known book. One of his most popular is A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens wasn't an outgoing kid. He was quiet and kept to himself. He was very caring especially of his family. He moved a lot because of his dad's job. His family lived in the lower middle class but only because his dad managed money poorly. HIs family landed in a prison for unpaid debt. Charles went to a private school in London after he got out of prison. Charles always loved to write, s ohe grew up to become an author.

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Child Labor

Child labor was common during the Victorian Era. They were paid very little and worked in bad and cramped conditions. They got little food and sleep. The children worked 16 hour days in hazardous conditions. The working children didn't go to school.
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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time when people who worked on farms moved to the cities to work. The Industrial Revolution was a boom in our society and it changed the way we lived forever.
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Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was a time when people wanted to know more about the world around them. In the Victorian Era science made rapid strides. Their technical progress transformed Britain. During the Era literature and arts flourished. By the end of the era life changed dramatically.