electric car: gas alternative

electric cars are a useful alliterative to gas cars

why we need an alternative to gas gas cars

The average driver in the USA add 700 kilograms of carbon monoxide per year!(Alternative Energy , 2006) The time a car spends idling in new York city will cost the driver 500$ a year and release 100 kilograms of carbon monoxide!(Bike Belong Rescores & Stats , 2012) If only 10% NYC commuters drove an electric car to work instead of taking a cab once a week they would save 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to the amount released by the homes of 25,000 New Yorkers.(Bike Belong Resources & Stats , 2012)

why electric cars are so useful

Electric cars can travel 100 mi on only 2-4 $ worth of electricity. They can charge over night (8-6 hours).(How long Dose It Take To Charge An Electric Car, 2012) 90% of commuter travel less than 100 miles round trip from work and back.(Bikes Belong Resources and Stats, 2012). Electric cars are practical and functional for the intercity driver.

look at some of the electric cars

electric cars are the future of the road

what can you do?

  • you can ride you bike or walk to school of work you bike is 100% emission free!
  • you could try to drive in you car less in your car.
  • you can also buy an electric/hybrid car.

the government

The government should give tax break for people use electric cars and the companies that produce. This would help the price of the electric.

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