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May 22, 2022

Phoenix Family,

Well, we did it! The Phoenix Family achieved greatness this year! After over a year of online teaching, meeting, and even celebrating, we were back together in person! Yes, some students struggled academically and emotionally from not interacting with others in person, but most quickly found their vision and began to work hard. Our teachers worked above and beyond to build academic skills and Mr. Cavanagh was tirelessly helping students to overcome anxiety and fears left over from the pandemic, but as we go into summer CA is stronger than ever! We have learned from our failures and we are grateful. Here are some of the many accomplishments of our Phoenix students.

  • Algebra 1 EOC STAAR Exam 100% passed
  • Biology EOC STAAR Exam 100% of first time test takers passed
  • US History EOC STAAR Exam 100% of first time test takers passed

The US History exam is usually taken in the 11th grade, Phoenix students take it their sophomore year!

Way to go freshmen, sophomores, Mrs. Fuller, Ms. Alvarez, and Mr. Schubert! Job well done!

Our UIL Theater students and UIL Academic students represented us well with many competing beyond the district competitions!

Student Leadership hosted dances and everyone’s favorite, Fall Festival and many other fun activities for our students. And they are just getting started. They are already planning new things for next year. I am so proud of our student leaders! If you are not involved in leadership, but want know how you can get involved, contact Mr. Ruiz or me! Connection is the key to success at CA.

This past Thursday night we celebrated the 99 seniors that earned a high school diploma from Collegiate Academy. However, 87 earned their associates degree from TCC NE and EVERY student graduated with college credit! What an incredible accomplishment! The state of Texas standard for a Distinguished Early College High School is 40%. We more than doubled that benchmark! Class of 2022; You are an amazing group of young people and your legacy will live on at Collegiate Academy.

I can’t wait to come back on August 17, 2022 and do it again, better! It will be our first year for UIL Soccer and we will be introducing a slightly different schedule to make sure every student has a pathway to achieve academic excellence!

See you August 17, 2022 rising sophomores, juniors and seniors! And to the class of 2022 PhoenixON!

Have a fun and safe summer!

Always grateful,

Ms. Knutz

Assistant Principal

Lauren Jackson

OFSDP and Independent Study

Sophomores and Junior Phoenixes:

This summer, we will be meeting to determine eligibility for Independent Study and Optional Flexible School Day (OFSDP). If you will be a Junior or Senior next school year, we will look at attendance, behavior, and academic standing to determine you are eligible for Independent Study or OFSDP. You must be on track to get an Associate’s Degree to be eligible for Independent Study or OFSDP. You will receive an email before August notifying your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will have the opportunity to apply through a Google form.

Parent Meetings


We will have Parent Meeting at the beginning of the year parent meetings in early August. You will have the option to sign up for an online or in person meeting on July 31st. This information will be in our first Phoenix News of the 2022-2023 school year.

Rising Phoenix Awards

We were so fortunate to celebrate AB and A Honor Roll, Department Awards, and students who have consistently demonstrated the Phoenix Strategies for Success at the Underclassmen Awards this past week. Congratulations Phoenixes for all of your accomplishments!

The Rising Phoenix Award is given to underclassmen from each grade level that exemplify what it means to be a Phoenix! This prestigious award is given to students that are seen as leaders by CA staff and students. Young people that portray all of the five Phoenix Strategies for Success in everything they do!

(Pictured: Rising Phoenix Awards Recipients with Ms. Knutz - Jorja Corbett, Camery Morton, Jenna Rash, Alejandro Dimos, Natalie Garcia)

Conselor's Corner

Riley Cavanagh

Another Year Behind Us

Students and parents, we did it! Obviously this year didn’t have a crazy interruption after spring break putting us all online like 2019/2020 or a split up student body between online and in-person like 2020/2021, but this year had its own hardships. 2021/2022 was the year that we tried to find that mythical “new normal” that everyone has been talking about and this year our students were able to do that splendidly.

Our senior class had more students earn Associate’s Degrees than ever before, our junior class had more than a dozen students go from being off track for an Associate’s to being back on track for one, our sophomore class has more students with 20 hours of college credit after their sophomore year than ever before (watch out class of 2022) and our freshman class had a 100% passing rate on their Algebra and Biology EOC’s for the first time in school history.

We had a few bumps in the road this year, but if what you all accomplished in our first year of the “new normal” is what we can expect for every year to come then Collegiate Academy will be the best early college high school in the state. I know I speak for everyone at CA when I say that we are so proud of you!

Schedule Changes

As we get to summer DO NOT make any changes to your TCC schedule without first reaching out to me so that we can make sure your schedule going into August is correct. If you make a change without consulting with me then we won’t have a book for your class when it starts and you’ll be starting from behind before the class even begins.

Summer Classes

Many of you signed up for summer classes, and some of you signed up without permission. If you signed up for a summer class without permission we will be meeting this week to discuss that decision and whether or not you will remain in the class.

If you chose to sign up for a July class and that has NOT been approved by CA then that class will be dropped and you will not be allowed to take it. The only classes we can take without special permission being granted are June classes because no one will be at CA to assist you if anything goes wrong with your textbook or if you need to drop.

If you chose to sign up for a Maymester and you did not attend the class on Friday, then you are behind and will likely need to drop the course. Maymesters take a 16 week syllabus and do the course in about 9 days which means if you missed Friday you essentially missed two weeks. If you need to drop that course please come talk to me on Monday so we can do so.

Transcript Updates

Transcripts will be updated by June 3rd and updated class rank letters will be sent to the students in the top ten of their respective classes. If you have any questions about your transcript after June 3rd please let me know. We are waiting on grades from TCC and for classes to finalize at CA so once we have those things should move pretty quickly.

OFSDP/Independent Study

Mrs. Jackson and I will be meeting to go through the process of determining which students are eligible for the Optional Flexible School Day Plan (OFSDP) and Independent Study once school is out. If you are eligible for either of those programs you will receive an email letting you know that is the case. If you are not eligible for those programs for the Fall semester then you may earn that privilege through your progress in the Fall for the Spring semester.


All students will have their edgenuity shut off and their accounts archived at the beginning of the summer. GCISD Summer School uses edgenuity for their program and therefore cannot have our students have their accounts active when they are in session. CA accounts will be reactivated in August upon returning to campus, but if you have any edgenuity that needs to be completed prior to the beginning of next school year (in order to be eligible for OFSDP and Independent Study) then it would be wise to complete it prior to the end of this TSIA Intersession.

GCISD Summer School

If you have been contacted with regards to GCISD Summer School and you have any additional questions please let either myself or Mrs. Jackson know. Here is the link to all of the information you would need but it is CA’s expectation that if a student fails a class during the school year that they complete it over the summer prior to the beginning of the following school year.


Jodi McCormack

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If you are a rising sophomore, junior or senior and have not passed your TSI Reading and Writing test, Mrs. Haney sent an registration form to attend our TSI Intersession May 23-26, 2022. Also, if you are a rising junior or senior and have passed TSI Reading and Writing but not TSI Math, Mrs. Haney sent a registration form for our TSI Math Intersession May 23-26.

During TSI Intersession, our students will have an opportunity to work with our English teachers on their TSI Reading and Writing skills and work with our math teachers on their TSI Math skills. There will also be an opportunity for them to retake their tests. It is important to pass your reading and writing test as soon as possible so you can stay on track for your associate’s degree. If you are a rising junior or senior and have passed TSI Reading/Writing, it is important that you pass your TSI Math test to stay on track as well. Please email Mrs. Haney at with any questions.

  • Dates and Times: TSI Intersession at CA will be held on May 23-26 from 8:30-1:30 p.m.
  • What to Bring: Please bring your fully charged laptop, charger and a pencil each day to the intersession.
  • Lunch: We will provide lunch (pizza) and snacks each day, but you are welcome to bring a lunch from home. You may also want to bring a water bottle.
  • Transportation: We will run our regular Friday bus schedule during the intersession.
Summer camp opportunity

Counseling Office

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Toni Bourgeois


Below is a link to the medication permit. A new form is needed for each school year for any medications your child may require at school.

Controlled Medications, by State Law, require a Doctor and Parent signed Medication Permission Form with specific wording. Controlled Medications given at lunch time should say "To give at lunchtime." This allows for flexibility when schedules and lunch times change due to testing or other special days. Daily morning medications are to be given at home.

Students may self-carry non-expired inhalers and Epi-Pens only with a physician and parent signed medication permit (and the self carry box checked) and turned in to the nurse.

Students are allowed to self carry over the counter (OTC) medications such as Benadryl, tylenol, ibuprofen, Tums, etc. if they have the following nonprescription medication permission form signed by the parent and student and turned in to the high school nurse.

This is a parent driven form and only for high school students. Please read the nonprescription medication form carefully and follow all instructions.

All other forms and authorizations (i.e. - Diabetes, seizure disorder, food allergy statement, etc.) can be found on the GCISD website - go to Departments, pick Health Services and then on the left pick Forms and Authorizations.

Please send me any updated Meningitis vaccine records when we return to school if your child receives their Meningitis booster. I will update Skyward and send it to TCC to avoid a Meningitis hold if they are not current. TCC requires this vaccine every 5 years The booster will not be given until your child is at least 16 years of age.

Summer VOE Forms

Collegiate Academy

Summer VOE's for Permit or Driver’s License

If you need a VOE form to get your permit or driver’s license over the summer, you need to use the VOE link below. The last day to request a VOE for the summer is Friday June 14th, 2022.

VOE’s can be picked up at the office starting May 18th - June 3rd, 2022.

Summer VOE’s are good until the first day of the fall semester for 2022-2023 school year.

  • As long as you get your VOE signed within the last five days of the school year, it will stay valid all summer long until school starts again in the fall. If you need to get your VOE during summertime, your school district’s administrative office should still be open and available for this.

  • We do not send email confirmations.


CA - Calendar of Events

5/23-26: TSI Intersession

5/31-6/3: Camp Collegiate

August 17th: First day of Fall Semester

August 22nd: First day of classes at TCC

Collegiate Academy's CALENDAR - 2022-2023 school year

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bring your own device update

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year

Beginning Monday, registration for both new and returning families will be open in Skyward. As a reminder, the primary guardian will need to complete the registration in Skyward Family Access. If you have forgotten your login and/or password, please click on Forgot login or password on the login screen and that information will be sent to your email.

Please note that bus rider registration will not be included in Skyward registration this year. If students need to register as a bus rider, they can do so by visiting after completing registration in Skyward.

If you need additional assistance or have specific questions or concerns, please contact your campus directly. If you have trouble registering for the 2022-2023 school year, please contact your campus registrar or

2022 Summer Food Service Program Information

For a meal near you call 211 or Text FOOD to 304-304

The Summer Food Service Program provides free meals to all children age 18 and younger. These meals provide essential nutrients for active growing kids. Children need good nutrition year-round so they can learn, grow and succeed in life. With nearly 2 million food insecure children living in Texas, these healthy meals are vital to nourishing young Texans during the summer vacation.

Summer food program meal sites help children succeed by providing the nourishment they need to return to school in the fall ready to thrive. To participate in the free meal program, all kids have to do is show up at a serving site.

Locations of summer sites for daily meal service: (a traditional breakfast and lunch will be served daily)

  • Timberline Elementary - 3220 Timberline Dr.-June 1 - July 1-7:30 - 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • Cross Timbers Middle -2301 Pool Rd.- June 6 - August 4 - 7:30 - 8:00 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Breakfast and lunch will be offer vs. serve. Students will need to select a minimum three components for breakfast and lunch. At lunch the meal must include a fruit or vegetable in order to have a complete meal.

The entire meal must be consumed at the serving site absolutely no “to go” breakfasts or lunches are available.

For additional information please call the GCISD Nutrition Services Department at 817-251-5618 or email For more information about the national Summer Food Service Program, visit

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