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May 1, 2022

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Hello Conroe Tiger Families,

May is here! There are so many amazing things happening at Conroe High School this month. We will celebrate our Seniors! It is also important that we wrap things up for our underclassmen on a positive note as well.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. Thank you to our P.T.O. for organizing a great week of celebration for our staff. See the Sign-Up Links below if you would like to help out! If you have not, please reach out to your student’s teachers and thank them for their work. A great way to do this is by submitting a Teacher Achieving Excellence (T.A.E.). You can submit these by going into your Parent Access Center account.

CHS9 Sign-Up

CHS Main Sign-Up

Here are a couple of reminders:

Tuesday, April 26th and Wednesday, April 27th - Block Schedule

We will be on our block schedule on Tuesday, April 26th and Wednesday, April 27th. For our students that are new to CHS, on Tuesday,, we will only attend periods 1,3,5, and 7. On Wednesday, we will attend periods 2,4,5 and 6. Our school hours remain the same. Please pay attention if your freshman begins or ends his or her day at CHS Main. All freshmen will begin and end their day at CHS9 on April 27th. Our morning drop off line will be longer on April 27th. Please make arrangements to leave earlier.

End of Course Testing - CHS9

Algebra 1 End of Course Exam - Tuesday, May 3rd

Biology End of Course Exam - Thursday, May 5th

Note: All 9th Graders will need to begin their days at CHS9 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. Shuttles will run once testing is complete. We will have longer traffic lines on each of these days.

End of Course Testing - CHS

Biology End of Course Exam ( Retesters) - Tuesday, May 3rd

U.S. History End of Course Exam - Wednesday, May 4th

Algebra End of Course Exam (Retesters) - Thursday, May 5th

Per state of Texas graduation requirements, all students are required to pass 5 End of Course Exams in order to graduate from high school. These include Algebra 1, Biology, English 1, English 2, and U.S. History.

From our Nurses

If you have medication for your student at our clinics, then you will need to come to campus and pick up the extra medications by Noon May 27th.

Food Deliveries

Please remember that CHS and CHS9 will not accept food deliveries from food delivery companies: Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.

Additional Block Schedule Days

Due to CHS graduation date of May 19th, senior exams will take place earlier than usual. To accommodate this, we will need to change our calendar. We will have two additional block scheduled days - Wednesday May 11th (1,3,5,7) and Thursday, May 12th (2,4,5,6).

Final Exam Exemptions

Please see the Final Exam Exemption Policy that includes the guidelines for the Spring. All students are eligible to exempt exams if they meet the criteria.

Dress Code

Parents , please remind your student of the school dress code when getting ready in the morning. Pajama pants, hats, holes in jeans above mid thigh (unless clothing is underneath), and blankets are not allowed. Please help us with these items.

Vape Detectors

Vape detectors are active on both campuses: Be advised, campus restrooms are equipped with vape detectors. Students caught in possession of a vape device or under the influence may face severe disciplinary consequences, which may include, ISS/OSS, DAEP and/or expulsion to JJAEP pending an investigation. Please discuss the danger and consequences of vaping with your child.

(*Liquid THC is considered a felony controlled substance . Students caught with a vape device that tests positive for THC could receive a state felony charge, be arrested on campus, and face mandatory expulsion.)

Counselor News

Be sure to click the Counselors Newsletter below for news from our CHS Counselors. The counselors at CHS serve as a resource to help connect families with community resources regarding ongoing therapy or other mental health needs. Please let us know if we can help you find resources that meet your families' needs. School counselors cannot fulfill the role of a therapist, but we can help students apply interpersonal skills, set and plan for academic goals, and plan for postsecondary options.

We appreciate your continued support! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Conroe High School: 936-709-5700 or

Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus: 936-709-4000 or


Sic ‘Em Tigers,

Tasha Smith

Principal, Conroe High School

James Bush

Principal, Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus

Counselors Newsletter

Please click here to view news from our CHS Counselors!

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CISD School Calendar

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Late Bus Registration Information


Go to the Conroe ISD Home Page

Select Parents/Students

Select Transportation

Select Register for Transportation (select again)

Enter Student ID

Enter Student Date of Birth Click REGISTER

Click "Yes, the student will be riding the school bus"


Then scroll down to REGISTER FOR LATE BUS RUNS--

Fill in the information requested and select CLICK HERE TO SIGN

Conroe High School PTO

Parents and Guardians, WE NEED YOU! Please fill out the form below and turn it in along with your membership fee to the Front Office of either campus: CHS or CHS9. If you have any questions, please email Kim Parker:

PTO Membership Form

Important Information For Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Parking Passes - If your child is driving to school please be sure they take care of everything they need to in order to purchase a parking pass. Students will need to park in their assigned parking spot!

View Student Parking Map Here:

Car Riders - Parents that will be dropping off their students, DO NOT drop your student off or pick them up on Hwy 105! You can either drop off in the Preferred car rider line at Wilson Road and Longmire or in the front of the building. Please plan for delays with the car rider line and remember First Period begins at 7:15.

View Car Rider Map Here:

Important Information For Freshmen

CHS9 Tutorial Information :

We have teachers that remain after school until 3:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please communicate with your teacher if you would like to remain for extra assistance as you will need a pass from your teacher to remain after school. Students remaining for tutorials will be escorted by their teacher to the front of the building to be picked up at 3:30. Should you need your student to ride a late bus, then you will need to register your student for late transportation. The student will remain in the library supervised until 4:45 and then escorted to the late buses on campus.

CHS9 Car Riders:

If you bring your student to school by vehicle, then please remember that the traffic loop in front of the Ninth Grade Campus contains two lanes. Vehicles can utilize the inside lane (left lane) to help alleviate traffic. When our duty personnel see students getting out of the vehicle from the left lane, we will stop traffic in the right lane allowing your student to cross safely. Please remind your student to check traffic before getting out of the vehicle. Parents, please continue to drive slowly and safely in the student drop-off area. We appreciate your attention to safety and patience every day.

Ninth Grade Students with Classes at CHS-Main:

My first period class is at CHS-Main, what do I do?

If you are a freshman and your FIRST period class is at CHS Main, you are to report to the Main campus in the morning. If you have questions about your bus route from home to the Main Campus, then please contact CISD transportation at 936-709-7940 or CHS9 at 936-709-4000. You will ride a shuttle bus from Main to CHS9 at the end of FIRST period.

My fifth period class is at CHS-Main, what do I do?

If you are a freshman and your FIFTH period class is at CHS Main, then you will ride a shuttle bus to Main. Shuttle buses will pick you up at the back of CHS9 at the end of fourth period. The shuttle bus will return you to CHS9 at the end of FIFTH period.

My last period class is at CHS-Main, what do I do?

If you are a freshman and your SEVENTH period class is at CHS Main, then you will ride a shuttle bus to Main at the end of sixth period. Your day will end at Main campus. You will need to go home from the Main campus by car or by bus. If you have questions about your bus route from the Main campus to home, then please contact CISD transportation at 936-709-7940 or CHS9 at 936-709-4000.


  • Wednesday, May 4th - Bass Fishing Club Recruitment
  • Thursday, May 5th - Senior Awards Night
  • Friday, May 13th - Senior Prom
  • Thursday, May 19th - Class of 2022 Graduation
  • Thursday, May 26th - Last Day of School!
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