Foster School Hybrid Q&A

October 9, 2020

Dear Foster Families,

As stated last week, I have some additional information regarding our transition to hybrid to share with you. Details about the following topics can be found in the sections below that include:

  • Face Coverings
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Student Health and Safety Information
  • Item Drop Off
  • Water Bottles
  • Grab and Go Lunches
  • Breaks/Recess
  • Bring a Device to School
  • Parent Meetings
  • Cohort Schedules
  • Arrival Time/Dismissal Times/Procedures
  • Safety Protocol
  • Use of School Property During School Hours

Students who are part of the Cyber Cohort will continue to log in to class as they have been following the Zoom or Google Links that your teachers share with you.

We greatly appreciate your continued patience and support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


-Jason Ramsey


New Hybrid Information

Face Coverings

All students are expected to wear face coverings per Governor Wolf’s state mandate, unless the nurse has an order from the student’s licensed healthcare provider.

  • Face Covering must over your face and nose

  • Must be secured on face

  • Be worn inside and outside of the school setting

  • Only be removed to eat or drink

Emergency Contact Information

It is of vital importance that the Emergency Medical Contact/Release Information for each of your children is updated in the Dashboard.
Please note the following to update your contact information in the Dashboard:

  • You must go in under the parent/guardian’s Dashboard account, not the student’s

  • Emergency Medical Contact/Release Information is located under the “Account Preferences” tab

  • Please include parents/guardians (in priority order) as part of your four contact options if you wish to be contacted.

Student Self Screening

Students must self-screen before reporting to school. Any person with a positive symptom will not be allowed to attend school. If your child is feeling ill, please keep them home. PLEASE READ our STUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY INFO by clicking: HERE.

Item Drop Off

Only in emergency circumstances should forgotten items be brought to the school building by family. Students who forget homework, musical instruments, or other things for class can make arrangements with the classroom teacher to submit assignments at a later date.

Water Bottles

Students may bring a water bottle to school. Students will have access to water bottle filling stations, but they will not have access to communal water fountains.

Grab and Go Lunch

Students will still have the option to pick up a Grab and Go Lunch from the Foster Gym….the AM cohort will have the option of grabbing a meal on their way out of school to take home and the PM cohort will be allowed to come at 12:30 to receive a meal and eat it (in the gym with 6th ft. distancing provided) prior to the beginning of the PM session. The PM cohort is also welcome to get meals earlier in the morning to eat before arriving for their PM session.

For more information about the Grab and Go Meals during hybrid click: HERE


During our hybrid instruction students will not have recess on the playground or blacktop. Students will have breaks when they are in school at the discretion of the teacher. Students may go outside for instruction, following CDC Guidelines at the discretion of the teacher. Masks will remain on at all times unless the student needs a break and one will be provided out of the classroom if needed.

Parent Meetings

Until further notice, all meetings will continue to be held remotely unless other accommodations have been made.

Bring a Device to School

Students may be allowed to bring a device to school (determined by the teacher). They will also need to bring a charging cord and headphones. If you child has a device that was not issued by the district, they can still bring it and log in though our guest network.

Cohort Schedules

Grades 1-5

  • AM Cohort – 8:30-11:15 (Monday – Friday)
  • PM Cohort – 12:45-3:30 (Monday – Friday)


  • AM Cohort 1 8:30-11:15 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • PM Cohort 1 12:45-3:30 (Monday and Tuesday)

  • AM Cohort 2 8:30-11:15 (Thursday and Friday)
  • PM Cohort 2 12:45-3:30 (Thursday and Friday)

  • Wednesday – Remote using Classroom Zoom Link (ALL Students AM or PM)

REMEMBER – Students will have their encores, math and reading support (for those who qualify), and instrumental music lessons (3-5) remotely when they are at home opposite their in-class instruction. ***You will receive a schedule from the homeroom teacher.***

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Arrival AM – 8:25-8:35
  • Dismissal AM – 11:15 (by alphabet)

  • Arrival PM – 12:40-12:50
  • Dismissal PM – 3:30 (by alphabet)

Students in Grades 1-5 will enter the main entrance and go directly to their homerooms.

Kindergarten will enter the kindergarten entrance on the side of the building.

For dismissal, students will exit the same doors they arrived but will be dismissed by alphabet.

We will have adults monitoring the entrances/exits and hallways to welcome and guide the students to their homerooms.

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Safety Precautions

All students will receive instruction on these safety precautions.


  • Students will be dismissed from classrooms in small groups to use their lockers.
  • Lockers will be used to store coats, boots, umbrellas, etc. and empty book bags.
  • Lockers will be assigned to maximize physical distance between students.


  • Students will walk in a single file line down the right side of the hallway and walk in a single file line back the left.


  • Teacher monitored if needed.
  • No more than 3 students at a time (unless there is an emergency). Students will wait their turn using the 6ft. markers on the floor.


  • The green stairwell is for only going up in the building.
  • The blue stairwell is only for going down in the building.


  • Desks will face the same direction.
  • Desks will be 6ft apart.
  • Ultraboard Barriers will be used.


  • All staff and students are required to wear a mask when in the building.
  • If a student needs a mask break the teacher will accommodate that outside the classroom.

Departmentalized Classes

  • For students in grades 3-5 who switch teachers for math and ELA, the teachers will move to the opposite room, not the students.

Use of School Property During School Hours

Due to the number of students transitioning to and from school and a a safety/security precaution, the school property will be closed from 8:00-4:00 to the general public. This DOES include the blacktop and playground even during the lunch hour.

What Will the Building Look Like...Take a Look!

Welcome Back 2020


Please contact Mr. Ramsey if you have any questions or if you need any additional information.