Fun Time Traveling

Mesozoic and Jurassic

Welcome to Fun Time Traveling! How would you like to go back to the dinosaur age? Well you are at the right place! In this trip back to the jurassic period you will see so many things! But be careful they just might bite! :) In this trip you will see the brachiosaurus (that's the one with a long neck!), stegosaurus, kentrosaurus, etc. Some of the plants are conifers, club mosses, ferns, horsetail. The climate is warm and moist. Some special activities included in the cost is zipline over the water, trust me there is no dinosaur in the water! The cost is $100 dollars a person $50 for kids. You can make reservations by calling (545)-555-555 or by going online at You will stay at an nice hotel with excellent service! Hope to see you there!
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