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December 6, 2015

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God

  • 975 kids
  • 203 volunteers
  • 39 first timers

This past Sunday we got to see 975 kids!!! That's more kids than we've seen all year except for "I Love My Church" and Easter! The best part is that we had 975 kids learn "On God's Team Players Don't Give Up" and "On God's Team, Players Change The World." I'm so thankful for how you show kids what this looks like every single Sunday. Just think about how their lives and the lives of everyone they impact will be changed when they know that IN JESUS, when they don't give up they can change the world!

Volunteer Christmas Party TONIGHT

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Doors will open at 6:30, a short message will be from 7:00-7:30, and then we'll all get to continue the party & have so much fun with desserts, photo booths, s'mores, kids' activities, and so much more!


I can't wait to see every KidSpring volunteer this Sunday as we celebrate what we got to see last week, what kid's are going to get to experience during our new series "Star Voyager", and all that's to come this Christmas.

  • 9:15 Volunteers: Meet at 8:35 in Preschool Production (downstairs room 103)
  • 11:15 Volunteers: Meet at 10:35 (or as soon as 9:15 service is done) in Preschool Production (downstairs room 103)
  • 6:00 Volunteers: Meet at 5:20 in Preschool Production (downstairs room 103)

Volunteer Parking

Great news! Our volunteer parking lot is officially back in action! This lot is now reserved every single Sunday for volunteers. By parking in this lot, you serve families and our church SO WELL by helping them to have the best each week as parents are able to park and get their kids into church as easily as possible!
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The most amazing time of year is almost here: CHRISTMAS! This year we're doing Christmas like we've never done it before! We have FOUR services over TWO nights! Each night we're going to have a different lesson for our kids as they learn "I Am Loved By God" and "God Gave Me Jesus."

We're preparing the way to see 1500 kids this Christmas! If you're available, we'd love to have you serve 3 of 4 services this Christmas!


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New Volunteers To Welcome to the KidSpring Team This Week!

This Week in KidSpring

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Song: Robot Rock

BO PS Song Robot Rock

Song: When I Look

CC Song 2

Bible Story:

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Song: I Am Yours

I Am Yours Song Training (So You'll Know All the Dance Moves)


Song: Hey Me

Hey Me lyric video

Hey Me Song Training (So You'll Know All the Dance Moves)

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