Who Am I

a walk on down the dusty trail of my brain


  • Daughter- My parents bithed me and ever since we've been madly in love
  • Northerner- DC chillin!!! best city hands down. the people leave somthing to be desired but I ignore people
  • Student- in college.... I'm amazed
  • Girlfreind *cringes*- My boyfriend is basicaly my best freind. he is so funny and sweet though somtimes he makes me mad
  • Flower Child- I'm of the wrong time period. I like too many things to form any intese connection to a thing. if all life goes off I'm starting a communist caravan with my best freind or giving up my possesions and clothing and becoming a fairy in the Redwood forest with the same fellow flower child freind.
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Influencial People

Mom- I am my mothers child we like the same music, the beach, dancing, cats, we're both passionate about activism and she's always been super supportive of my extreemist artsy commie hippie ways all while spoiling me to no end.

Dad- My dad taught me how to argue. We loooove arguing

Grandma- I only knew my dads mom really as far as grandparents go everyone said we were very similar and she taught me to bake. she was my first expirience with death which sent me spiraling into a premature existencial crisis.

Yewande(sister)- She's a strong smart hard working independent woman. She is litterally unreal and I have always been super intimidated by how amazing she is since I'm the baby/ slacker

Lily- my best friend since 4th grade. she's everything I hate about myself and reminds me to keep improving. and she taught me that true love has conflicts and you can love someone and admit that some things about that person drive you insane.

Marley- My nanny, she basically raised me for 5 years

Aunt Robyn- my godmother was litterally always there for me every step of the way she was like my parents safety net I spent so much time with her growing up my mom says we have the same facial expressions

Overcoming the longest funk ever

I had a bout with depression from about late 6th to mid 8th grade. Being so hibitually sad for so long just plain sucks. One night after my bi-weekly complete meltdown I was just done. I decided that I was wollowing and life is hard but it shouldn't be this sad. I just came to the realization that i wanted to be happy and stop letting all this negativity build inside of me. Ever since them I've always been almost overly positive and litterally everything can turn around in life with a positive outlook, which is now how I live my life.

Who am I now?

I am just me. I am kind of a wild child. I have a million intrests. I have a tendancy to get reckless and flakey. I'm intensly a floater. I love traveling, talking, nature, art, dancing, food and am deeply connected to music though I never had the patience to learn an instrument. I am the only person my age I know who hates technology. I spend most of my time drawing in my favorite coffee shop with my freinds Victoria and/ or Abi here and drawing in the woods with my crew of artsy girls I assembled back in highschool. I am just a simple girl with insanely liberal values who likes to draw and feels a spiritual connection with trees and psychadelic culture.


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  • Healthy
  • Enlightened