Pink Kangaroo Weekly Update

Week of February 1st

What we are learning....

This week we introduced the letter "N." The kangaroos enjoyed learning about all the different animals who live in nests. Each kangaroo got to create their own nest with eggs made from marshmalloows! We created necklaces one day which was so much fun for the boys and the girls. They are super colorful!

We talked to the kangaroos about their ability to smell...through their nose! We had lemon, orange and cinnamon scents in bottles and the kangaroos had to guess the smells. This was very entertaining!!! Then, we created a graph to see which scent everyone liked the best. Go figure, cinnamon was a big winner :).

In addition to the letter N we introduced the number three. We continue to work on counting.

To help with name recognition, we started signing in in the morning without our picture cards. The kangaroos are doing such a great job finding their name and recognizing all of the letters in their name.

As of this month we have started handwriting!!! The kangaroos will be asked to trace their name once a week. This will help with name recognition. It is also great for fine motor as we are teaching the children how to correctly hold the crayon.

Books we have read this week:

Whose Nest?


The Nicest Newt

Important Information

Kangaroos in Action!!!!

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