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DUAL ENROLLMENT for School Year 2021-2022

What is Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment at Battlefield High School is an opportunity for students in a high school classroom to earn both high school course credit and college credit. The college credit is awarded by Northern Virginia Community College. The faculty leading these courses are certified by the Virginia Department of Education and by the Virginia Community College System. Course content will cover the requirements of both the high school curriculum and the college curriculum.

At this time, the students are receiving college course credits tuition free ($185 per credit). Students are responsible for all course expenses including the college textbook and online resources. Once you register for the course, the fees will be applied, and they remain even if the course is dropped.

At Battlefield, we are offering dual-enrolled courses that lead toward:

  • Database Specialist Certificate
  • Network Engineering Specialist Certificate
  • General Studies Certificate (will require some work on campus)
  • Associates of Science in Information Technology (will require some work on campus)

NVCC (NOVA) Awards the College Course Credits and Degrees

PWCS can award high school course credits and a High School Diploma.

Northern Virginia Community College can award a college certificate and a college degree; while courses are completed at Battlefield, NVCC will award the degrees:

  • General Studies Certificate (will require some work on campus)
  • Database Specialist Certificate
  • Network Engineering Specialist Certificate
  • Associates of Science in Information Technology (will require some work on campus)

Why Information Technology Courses?

Battlefield High is the Center for Applied Science, Interactive and Information Technology. (CASIIT)

Information Technology (encompassing Interactive Technology and Computer Science) is used in almost every job today. We are passionate about providing our students with technical skills for all potential careers and futures. Our graduates have reported they excel comparatively in both college and on the job due to their courses in our CASIIT Program.

Technology helps you "Work Smarter". If you want a career in the IT fields, Virginia currently has over 100,000 open jobs.

Dual-Enrolled Courses

What Courses are Dual-Enrolled at Battlefield in School Year 2021-2022?

Courses in the AS IT Degree:

Gen Ed Courses in the AS IT Degree:

  • English 11 -> ENG111/112 College Composition I and II
  • English 12 -> ENG251/252 Survey of World Literature I and II
  • English 12 -> ENG111/112 College Composition I and II
  • US History, grade 11 -> HIS 121/122 US History I and II
  • US Government, grade 12 -> PLS135/136 American National Politics and State and Local Politics
  • Pre-Calc w/ Trig for AB -> MTH 161/162 PreCalculs I and II
  • Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra -> MTH265/266 Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • Biology 2 -> BIO101 General Biology

Information Technology Courses in the AS IT Degree:

  • 6670 IT Fundamentals -> ITE115 Introduction to Computer Application and
    SDV101 Student Development

  • 6640 IT Programming -> ITP150 Python

  • 6641 IT Adv Programming -> ITP120 Java Programming

  • 6633 Adv Web Technologies -> ITE170 Multimedia Software

  • 8628 Cyber System Technology -> ITN100 Introduction to Telecommunications with ITE221 PC Hardware and OS Architecture

  • 8630 Cyber Network Systems -> ITN260 Network Security Basics with ITN266 Network Security Layers

  • 6660 Database -> ITD256 Advanced Database Management Systems and
    ITD132 Programming with SQL

Courses in the Database Specialist Certificate:

  • 6670 IT Fundamentals -> ITE115 Introduction to Computer Application

  • 6660 Database -> ITD132 Structured Query Language and Database and ITD256 Advanced Database Management Systems

  • 6662 Advanced Database -> ITD134 PL/SQL Programming and ITP100 Software Design

  • MTH154 (or higher) -> earned with AP Exam score or CLEP Exam score

Courses in the Networking Engineering Specialist Certificate:

  • 8542 Computer Network Hardware Operations 1 -> ITN154 CISCO - Introductory Routing
  • 8543 Computer Network Hardware Operations 2 -> ITN155 CISCO - Networking Fundamentals
  • 8544 Computer Network Hardware Operations 3 -> ITN156 CISCO - Basic Switching
  • 8545 Computer Network Hardware Operations 4 -> ITN157 CISCO - Wan Technologies ->
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Possible Pathway for Associate of Science in IT

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What is required to take a Dual-Enrolled course?

Step 1: Understand Dual Enrollment

Step 2: APPLY to be a NVCC student

  • You must be a student of Northern Virginia Community College and know your NVCC Student ID. (If you have applied in the past, and do not know your student id, please see below, how to find your NVCC student id)
  • To become a student APPLY at:

Step 3: Qualify for your Dual Enrolled Course

  • Qualifications for dual enrollment courses vary and are determined by the college, they are non-negotiable
  • Grade 11 and 12 students with a 3.0 + GPA qualify for dual enrollment.
  • Grade 11 and 12 students with less than a 3.0 GPA, can qualify using test scores. To qualify with test scores, for every course, a student must meet both a Reading/Writing test score AND a Math test score.
  • .....ACT Exam: English/Writing 18 and Math 22
  • .....PSAT Exam: Writing/Reading 390 and Math 500
  • .....SAT Exam: Writing/Reading 480 and Math 530
  • .....SOL: Algebra 1 - Pass
  • Students that do not meet the 3.0 GPA and do not have qualifying test scores, can take the Virginia Placement Tests (VPT) to qualify for dual enrollment. There are 2 VPT Exams, VPT English and VPT Math. Each exam is approximately 3 hours in length. Students must score Eng111 on the English VPT and pass sections 1 - 5 on the Math VPT.

  • Grade 9 and 10 students are handled on a case-by-case basis. At a minimum, Grade 9 and 10 students:
  • .....must have a 3.25+ GPA
  • .....earn an A or B in prior DE courses
  • .....all high school course grades must be C or better
  • Grade 9 students:
  • ......must have completed a high school course while middle school
  • ......must have 3.25+ MS GPA as well as HS GPA

Step 4: Complete your 'Dual Enrollment INTENT Form' Online and understand you are responsible for course books and online fees.

  • …….. The average cost for DE online course material and text books is $60 per semester.
  • …….. All CASIIT students may complete the 'Guarantee to Pay' requirement by going to the CASIIT Sharepoint APP and complete their Student Agreement for each school year.

Step 5: Understand independent work associated with dual enrollment.

  • NOVA is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and the National Dual Enrollment Association. Dual Enrolled courses, like courses on campus, require meeting face-to-face the number of hours that equals credits, and independent work 2x the number of credits. A 3-credit college course = 3 hours class time and 6 hours independent work. When you sign your dual enrollment intent form, you are agreeing to attend class 3 hours a week and work independently for 6 hours a week.

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Students required to do independent work
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Dual Enrollment and CASIIT Textbooks must be purchased via Battlefield High School

PWCS has setup an easy online payment method. The website is:

For complete directions, please use the button below.

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Dual Enrollment Intent Form Process

Dual Enrollment requires the "Dual Enrollment Intent Form Process". Consent completes the following:

  • Parent permission to take a college course
  • Documentation on the high school credit and college credit that are being earned
  • Provides consent for PWCS to share student data with NOVA
  • Provides the Professor consent to speak with the parents of the student

Each student and parent must complete the Dual Enrollment Intent Form Process for each dual-enrolled course. AND must abandon any course in which the process is started and the student decides not to take as dual enrolled.

Online Dual Enrollment Intent Form Process

To complete your Dual Enrollment Intent Form online, you must have:

  • Your PWCS Student ID
  • Your College (NOVA) Student ID (EMPL ID)
  • ...... If you do not have a NOVA Student ID, scroll down to "What is Required to take Dual-Enrollment, Step #2 and APPLY to NOVA.
  • Know the college course number for your high school course
  • ..... If you do not know the college course number, scroll up to "What courses are dual-enrolled at Battlefield in School Year 2021-2022" and look at the cross reference.

Go to website:

Guaranteed to Pay for DE Course Fees UPDATE for COVID-19

Students wishing to take dual enrolled courses are responsible for online course material and text book fees. The average cost for DE online course material and text books is $60 per semester. Student's accounts will be charged at the start of the school year.
  • All students registered for a Dual Enrollment course on 1-Aug will be held to the fee of that Dual-Enrolled course. Any drop of a dual-enrolled course does not remove your responsibility for the cost of the fees associated to the course.

  • All CASIIT students may complete the 'Guarantee to Pay' requirement by going to the CASIIT Sharepoint APP and complete their Student Agreement each school year.

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What is a VPT Test and How do I prepare?

VPT is the acronym for Virginia Placement Test. The VPT is managed by ACT, and it is designed to place a student in the CORRECT math and the CORRECT English class based on their current abilities. (We believe it is not only a test, but the best indicator for student success at a specific level.)

In order for students to be placed in the correct level of courses, the formula is:
Given the known rigor of a course, you place an equal VPT requirement on that course.
In some cases, scores on other exams (SAT, ACT, etc) are an acceptable replacement for the VPT. In all cases, it is the same as a course pre-requisite. You must meet an entrance point to take a course. (those entrance points are documented by course below)


  • We test the students to be sure they are successful PRIOR to enrolling them in a course.
  • Both the Math and the English test are untimed, each take a minimum of two hours to complete the test.
  • Your scores are valid for 5 years.
  • You may take each test one time a year, and with one retest in that same year.
  • There is an associated cost to take the test, you will not be responsible for that cost.
  • The math test contains a variety of questions types such as free response, matching, multiple choice, true/false, etc;. There is an online calculator.
  • The English test consists of an essay (60%) and thirty multiple choice questions (40%). Students must write the essay online.

Topics in VPT math:

  • UNIT 1 – Operations with Positive Fractions

  • UNIT 2 – Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents

  • UNIT 3 – Algebra Basics

  • UNIT 4 – First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable

  • UNIT 5 – Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Systems of Equations in Two Variables

  • UNIT 6 – Exponents, Factoring, and Polynomial Equations

  • UNIT 7 – Rational Expressions and Equations

  • UNIT 8 – Rational Exponents and Radicals

  • UNIT 9 – Functions, Quadratic Equations, and Parabolas

If you would like to prepare for the VPT or learn more, please use the purple button below.

VPT Test

For rising high school juniors and seniors who do not meet the dual enrollment requirements with a 3.0 GPA or with their SAT, ACT, SOL scores or GPA, may take the VPT test. VPT practice tests can be found at

  • VPT Tests must be in-person this year. As we return to school, I will schedule days for the exams.
  • Students must have a NVCC Student ID# prior to accessing the practice test.
  • Upon completion of the test, when your score report is displayed, you must print your score report to a PDF file. Email those test scores to yourself.

VPT Testing and Student Accomodations (504 and IEP)

Battlefield High School cannot offer accommodations on a VPT Exam. For accommodations, you may work directly with NVCC, they can provide the accommodations and administer the test. Please see:

Additional information can be found in NVCC's overview of their accommodations.

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How to find your NVCC Student ID

How to find your NVCC Student ID

  • Logon to NOVA

  • (1)

  • (2) select MYNOVA from the top navigation

  • (3) use your logon and password

  • (4) Click on VIEW MY INFORMATION

  • If you can not logon to MYNOVA, call the NVCC IT Help Desk @ 703-426-4141

  • ..... have your social security number (if you entered in on your application) available since you do not know your student id

Image to help how to find your NVCC Student ID

How to find your VPT Test Scores

  • Logon to your MyNova Account
  • Select SIS MOBILE Student Information
  • Select Academics
  • Test Data