Personal Attributes

Specific Skills

In a workplace environment it is one of the most important to have Specific Skills. in this line off work you will need a in-depth knowledge in IT hardware and software. Another Think you as an employee should conciser is the health and safety in IT hardware and software and even in some cases common knowledge to prevent this from happening.

General Attributes

In this work of line you would be expected to have general attributes are needed. General Attributes can range from planning skills to teamwork. Also body language is a grate General skill when communicating to others and when working as a team. Another General Attribute would be Time management because you can show that you have persistence and this would be a key trait that employers will look for.


when working an employer would look for the right kind of attitude in a working environment. Such as if you are determined or independent some of these traits can be a fall back depending on the work. such as if you are independent and work in a company that need some one who can work in a team well, also if you are determinant you can show your employer that you are fit for the job and work well in the environment.

General Communication Skill

an employer will look for General Communication Skill because it shows that you can understand cultural differences and how you can engage the customers with questions and answering when communicating with them. This is valued by employers because of the vast knowledge of the terminology to help the customer,

Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal Skill can range from verbal exchanges to body language this type of skills is uses every day they are also know as life skills.. also Employers value this skill because they want want there staff to work in a team and communicate as a team also with there customers or clients.

Communication in writing

Communication in writing skills can range from emails to spelling and grammar this is needed for employers because they will have to have a some form of communication across long distances such as emails. Also you will Communication in writing is that what you write shows relevance to what the task was at hand.

Background Noise

background noise can be problematic when communicating in the work place because it could be miss hearing information which could lead to false information and is no suable for a workplace. To reduce the impact of this you can do simple rearrangement of desk to separate them form the others to reduce the noise.


distractions are not susceptible for a work place because they can lead to mistakes to even accidence. Also distractions can lead to background noise if the employees are being disruptive. To prevent this you can set rules in the work place and it can be simple as just keeping a close eye over your employees.

Physical barriers

Physical barriers can range from a poor outdated equipment form staff located in diffract buildings. Also physical barriers can cause background noise because of the amount of staff that wont be able to use the equipment because it is too slow or broken. to prevent this you can simply have a bigger work space to having a updated system with in the company.


location can be a big problem for communication because of the time between both company in the other location so communication will not happen often between the company. to prevent this make sure that you can set times to communicate to each company and where.

lack of concetration

lack of concentration is not allowed in a workplace because this can lead to detractions and then to background noise because of the lack of concentration. to prevent this you can set task's clearly so the employees can under stand and excite the plan to there potential and to be more involved because off there knowledge.

language barriers

language barriers can be a problem when communication because they will be a lack of communication because they do not under stand each other. Also to prevent this you can make sure the other company understand each others language and to have a trained employee to understand the language.